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Osaka is one of Japan’s largest and most famous cities. It sits like a sparkling jewel on Osaka Bay, close to the mouth of the Yodo River. High-speed rail puts it in easy reach of Japan’s other cities, making a trip down to Osaka simple. The heart of Osaka is the Dotonbori district, the centre of the city’s buzzing nightlife. It is also a major foodie destination, offering hungry tourists inexpensive and plentiful examples of Osaka’s regional cuisine. These scrumptious treats include dishes such as takoyaki (succulent octopus dumpling), okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes topped with a dizzying array of foods) and deliciously thick udon noodles. Dotonbori also puts a unique Osakan spin on Japanese favourites like ramen and sushi.

The city boasts a whole host of beautiful parks and gardens. The historic Tennoji Park, for example, still feels the influence of a famous gardener who worked on it back in the early 20th century. There is also the spacious Sumiyoshi Park, and the gardens of the famous Osaka Castle, which include their own Japanese apricot garden.

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