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Nothing is nearly as romantic as a bouquet of roses. Red roses represent love and passion; pink stands for romance and femininity; yellow roses express friendship and joy; white roses signify purity and respect; and orange roses, warmth and happiness.


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Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is the best testimony of the country’s successful mixture of traditional culture with sophisticated elegance, making it unimaginable to experience one without the other. Sumo wrestling and technology, sliding doors and industry, ancient traditions and modernity… everything has a harmonious counterpart in the city of Tokyo.

Japan's typical flowers, such as chrysanthemum, lotus or sakura, perfectly combine with a rose or a carnation –a beautiful way to show that the coexistence of cultures is possible: a chrysanthemum and a rose in the middle of Tokyo are a perfect match. For many centuries, the inhabitants of Tokyo have dedicated their lives to flowers. All homes in Japan’s capital boast pots with different types of flowers from different origins.

Floraqueen’s service of shipping flowers ensures that the mixture of elements is elegant, simple and natural at an affordable price, while at the same time providing recommendations and commitment.

In each and every one of the many important events that take place in a city like Tokyo, sending flowers is a gift that appeals to both the sender and the recipient, since it is a simple, natural and spontaneous present.

Families, friends and couples can be the subject of a gift of this kind, as there is plenty of variety. The online florist Floraqueen will also give you advice so you get it right!
Walking through such typical places in Tokyo as Shinjuku, Odaibe or Tsukiji market, is an opportunity to immerse oneself into the unknown and exciting Japanese culture, as well as to get to know its varied flora and comparing it to flora in other parts of the world. The online florist Floraqueen helps you make this interesting exercise by sending flowers anytime, anywhere in Japan.

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