Volcanic Flowers: Brighten Your Day with Great Colors and Fragrance

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Do you know about flowers that can grow in volcanic soil? In this article, we elaborate on the subject of the volcanic flowers and give you the meaning and signification of some of them.

Volcanic dirt is made of very small pieces of broken volcanic rock, and fragmented minerals. You can find it in places such as Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Japan, Indonesia and Central America, South Africa and other mountain regions of the world. This rich soil represents ideal conditions for plant growth.

Plants that grow in this volcanic soil can be flowers, which make some of the most colorful and exotic flowers you can find in the world. Some of the volcanic flowers are the mountain orchids, the passionflowers, the silvers words, and the bird of paradise. Each one of those blooms has a meaning and a significance that makes it special.

We discuss several points in this article, such as:

* What Do the Mountain Orchids Represent?

* What Is the Meaning of the Silverswords?

* The History of the Passionflowers.

* Is the Bird of Paradise Also a Volcanic Flower?

What Do the Mountain Orchids Represent?

Orchids can grow in countries with tropical climates but also anywhere in the world, in every latitude and climate region. Of course, they are more numerous in tropical regions. In fact, if we go to the north, we may find fewer orchids. In the mountains, we can see them from the hills to the peaks of the Alps. They brighten up our hikes.

The orchid flower is featured by the existence of three sepals, three different petals among which a labellum with highly variable colors and forms. The labellum is a perfect place for pollinating bugs to land, and then they seek the nectar that hides at the bottom of the spur of some of these orchids. Other orchids draw native bugs with a 1000 guarantees of food without providing them with anything. The most treacherous, the ophrys for example, attract male insects thanks to the emission of pheromones and the shape of the labellum, which looks like the female. This is a very effective lure but very frustrating for the male.

What Is the Meaning of the Silverswords?

If there were one term to define Hawaii, it would be beautiful. There is one plant to represent this gorgeousness: the silversword, which is found on the beautiful island of Maui. It is a unique and special plant in the world because it only grows in the heart of the Haleakala Crater.

Maui is referred to as “Valley Island,” as it has protection to the west from Oahu and Big Island to the east. It enjoys a more settled climate, favorable to the growth of unique plant life. It is by hiking on the sides of the Haleakala Crater, which is said to be the home of the sun, that one can be privileged to explore the silverswords. They can grow up to 2.40 m and belong to the sunflower group. This species can take many years, or even decades to develop. It then blooms only once from June to October and then falls dead.

The History of the Passionflowers

Flowering passionflowers attract the interest of all visitors around the world. There are many different types of passionflowers, but the only one that can survive the severe and icy winters of the Haute Savoie region of Yvoire is the passionflower without any kind of protection. Indeed, good straw bedding is often enough.

As a climbing plant with fast growth, passionflower is very helpful to dress a summer wall or a fence. In the winter, the leaves fall off the plant and it is recommended to cut it down very little so that it may flower more abundantly every year so that its blossoms remain an easy reach of the eye. The passionflower is named after Jesuits who considered it to be all the elements of Christ’s cross and thus, passionflower is used more specifically for its calming virtues.

Is the Bird of Paradise Also a Volcanic Flower?

Yes, the bird of paradise is an exotic volcanic flower from South Africa. This plant is a member of the strelitziaceae family, which comprises of only seven different flowers. The majority of the varieties of this family are exotic tropical plants such as the bird of paradise. It gets its name from the form and colors of its flower, resembling a tropical bird’s head. The blooming is impressive and lasts for many months.

While it can measure up to 10 m high in its native habitat, the bird of paradise rarely grows taller than 2 m when indoors. It is an excellent plant for making exotic arrangements or floral compositions.

The bird of paradise is rather demanding in terms of heat and luminosity. Place the tray in a sunny room with natural sunlight. However, keep the plant away from windows that face south. The room should not be warmer than 10 degrees C in the winter.

A volcano can create wonders, and the proof is those exotic flowers that can make the most elegant, wonderful and beautiful arrangements. You can grow them within your garden, offer them to a special one, or even put them in your office to please your workers and co-workers. If you feel like having an escape, or you dream of heavenly paradise islands with their special colors and fragrances, this can be available without jumping on a plane. You just need to go into your garden and plant beautiful tropical volcanic flowers. It is an unbelievable pleasure to enjoy without a doubt.

The beautiful, exotic and exciting varieties are sure to charm you and make you feel like a holiday at your home anytime. You should be aware that not all the plants you find in the gardens and woods of the Caribbean are original, but have been brought here by winds, streams, birds and people on the move.

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