Choosing The Best Perennial Flowers That Bloom From Spring To Fall

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Any gardener knows that not all blooming periods last forever. As much joy as our flowering friends bring us, especially in spring, all flowers need a chance to recover from their hard work of attracting butterflies and bees. However, that doesn’t mean your flowerbed has to be full of one-off blooms. There are many perennial flowers that bloom from spring-to-fall that can keep you smiling for months.

We’ve taken a look at our favourite perennial flowers that will keep your garden looking colourful and bright from the end of the winter frosts until they return again at the end of the year. With the right mix of these in your flowerbed, you can enjoy months of fresh blooms.

Which perennial flowers bloom from Spring to Fall?

Spring Perennials

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Spring flowers are already a treat for the senses with the variety of yellow flowers, blue flowers or pink flowers that pop up from the flowerbeds of gardens everywhere. This is also the beginning of the busiest time for flowers and plants all across the Northern Hemisphere.  After all, now is the time to start enjoying these and to make the most of their presence in your garden. Some of the best spring perennials are:

Remember: We also have a few tips on our blog for keeping your tulips coming back every year if you’re struggling with your bulbs.

Summer Perennials

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As we move into summer the flowers that love the sun the most start to appear and take full advantage of the flurry of insect activity. During this time we get beautiful blooms like tall, sun-seeking sunflowers, feisty snapdragons and always lovely irises. Among the summer blooming perennials are:

  • Snapdragons
  • Dahlias
  • Irises
  • Bellflowers (Campanula)
  • Sunflowers
  • Rose of Sharon

You can also see more summer blooming perennials in our list of 15 of the best summer perennials.

Autumn Perennials

Autumn perennial flower bed

Despite the best of the warmer weather and the sunniest of days being behind them, some plants prefer the more even temperature of the autumn months. This is a time when nature puts on one last flashy show of colour and the flowers that bloom late in the year are no exception. These include:

A few tips to keep perennials blooming from spring until fall

  • Fertilise the soil properly before planting.
  • Use a little bonemeal on the soil to get the most colourful blooms and to give them a little extra nutrition
  • Make sure to plant them where they will get just right amount of sun that they need
  • Arrange your plants by size in the flowerbed. Make sure the tall plants don’t block the shorter plants from the sun
  • Keep the flowers well watered, especially at the beginning (this encourages better root growth)
  • Remove deadheads after each period of blooming

The beauty of perennial flowers compared to cut flowers is that they are gifts that keep on giving. With a little work and care, you can enjoy many days of blooming beauty throughout the most beautiful months of the year.

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