Spring Flowers – 7 Sensational Yellow Spring Flowers To Brighten Your Day

yellow tulips in field

Yellow is a colour which shines like the sun and makes days that little bit brighter. However, that is especially the case when it comes to yellow spring flowers.

As we’ve explored before, yellow flowers are a great way to express feelings of joy, friendship, hope and positivity. This fits perfectly with the feelings that we feel at this time of year as the days become longer, the weather warmer and new optimism coming into bloom.

Of course, we want to help you share a little of that feeling with your nearest and dearest. That’s why we’ve picked out 7 bright yellow blooms that we think are perfect to enjoy at this time of year.


Yellow daffodils

Daffodils are a lovely natural marker of spring’s arrival. With their yellow-orange bell-shaped petals, they herald the return to life of nature after its long winter sleep. They are one of our favourite spring flowers of all and while they only appear for a short time in March they are worth enjoying while they are around.

Yellow Tulips

yellow tulips

Tulips are of course known as the “harbingers of spring. In the case of yellow tulips, they add an extra touch of golden beauty to a flowerbed or a bouquet of cut flowers. An arrangement of yellow tulips is a great way to symbolically offer hope and encouragement or a way to add a little extra positive energy to your garden.

Mimosa (Acacia)

yellow mimosa flower

Mimosa is often best known for being associated with International Women’s Day. However, it is a beautiful yellow spring flower that can be used to brighten days all season long.

Yellow Iris

yellow irises

Normally we think of irises as predominantly blue flowers. As a result, you may be surprised to see that they can be grown with a lively, tiger-striped yellow hue as well. Unlike their blue cousins which symbolise hope, yellow irises communicate passion and joy. A perfect sentiment to enjoy spring with.

Yellow Crocus

Yellow crocus

Crocuses are one of the most beautiful flowers blooming in early spring and late winter. Like irises, they are best known for being blue flowers but some also pop up with bright yellow petals. This yellow variety (sometimes known as the snow crocus) is a cheery flower that is the perfect tonic to the winter blues.

Yellow Pansies

Yellow pansies

Pansies are a real treat for springtime gardens. Among the blue, pink, red and purple varieties are the delightful bright yellow pansies that make their appearance at this time of year. Like most pansies, you can find these yellow versions with a distinctive dark blotch on the petals or in just pure yellow.

Winter Aconite

Yellow winter aconite

These sweet, bright flowering shrubs may have winter in the name but they are very much a spring flower too. They appear as early as January and are among the first flowers to bloom after winter on the floors of forests, or in well-lit gardens alike.

With red flowers, pink flowers and even white flowers often stealing the show, yellow flowers sometimes feel overlooked at other times of the year. However, it’s fair to say spring gives them a real moment to shine and add extra joy to a vase or garden. Are there any yellow flowers you think we should have added to our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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