The Expert Guide For Need-to-Know Tulip Colour Meanings

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As the “harbingers of spring” as they are sometimes known, tulips add an extra special touch to this time of year with their optimistic colours and delicate form. Of course, there are many different tulip colour meanings to take into account if you want to surprise someone with the perfect floral message this spring.

To make life easier and help you plan expert surprises with tulips, we’ve prepared this expert guide of all the need-to-know tulip colour meanings to remember when you’re celebrating a special occasion during the spring months.

First, some basic facts about Tulips:

What the individual meanings of tulip colours are:

Yellow: Hope

Yellow tulips on white background

Yellow flowers, as we’ve written before, have had something of a reinvention over time and tulips are no exception. When before they were seen as flowers of disappointment or romantic rejection, yellow tulips today are seen as bright and optimistic. If you want to send someone a bouquet of yellow tulips they are ideal to send a get well message or offer encouragement to someone going through a difficult time.

Pink: Confidence

Pink tulips on white background

If you want to send a message of confidence and the most expressive happiness then pink tulips are the best choice for you. This bold variant is perfect to celebrate a joyful occasion like a new baby, an anniversary or an engagement. Alternatively if you want to send someone a symbol of your trust then pink tulips will also do in a pinch.

White: Sincere Apologies

White tulips on a white background

What did you do this time? If apology flowers are necessary then white tulips are your ideal option. White flowers usually symbolise feelings of sincerity and honesty and therefore this makes white tulips the perfect flowers to choose when you want to say loudly and clearly that you are truly sorry.

Red: Deep Love

Red tulips on white background

Of course, it can come as no surprise that red tulips are the best tulips to choose if you want to send a romantic message. Like red roses they add a beautiful touch to your romantic plans, although it’s believed that these spring blooms send a symbol of the truest love possible.

Purple: Royalty and Affluence

Purple tulips on white background

For centuries the colour purple was the preserve of royalty and aristocracy. Purple tulips therefore carry a strong sense of nobility and affluence as a result. They are often used during spring weddings to add an extra wish of prosperity to the happy couple. They would be equally suitable for someone about to undergo a new start, for example a couple hoping to start a family or who’ve recently moved home.

Now that you’re armed with the essentials of tulip colour meanings you’re now ready to really celebrate spring with the help of beautiful tulips. Which colour will you choose to add a touch of extra happiness to someone’s day?

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