What Do Flowers Symbolize and Why Is It Important?

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Sometimes small gestures or gifts can carry a very deep signification that is hidden from our eyes. A lot of us receive presents from the people in our lives without ever thinking about their actual meaning. Even when we offer gifts, we don’t usually take into consideration how the receiver could interpret our gesture. If we don’t put enough effort when it comes to these gestures that have an essential part in our lives, misunderstandings can quickly appear. Human relationships are delicate, and they have to receive a lot of our attention if we want them to last and be prosperous.

Flowers are some of the most beautiful plants that can be found on Earth. Their vivid colors and different shapes transform them into one of nature’s greatest gifts. Each flower comes with its own meaning, and sometimes the things they symbolize go well beyond our imagination. Knowing exactly what a type of flower symbolizes can be considered a great quality, and it is most certainly an excellent advantage to have. Picking the perfect bouquet is directly connected to what you’re trying to say or to the type of event that’s taking place. Here are some of the aspects we discuss when it comes to flowers and what they mean:

* Short history of flowers and their purpose
* The way flowers are divided depending on what they mean
* Some of the best choices you can make when offering flowers
* How you can send a message depending on what type of flowers you offer

Short History of Flowers and Their Purpose

There are a lot of speculations that say flower symbolism was originally developed in Turkey in the 17th century. Flowers were commonly used back then as gifts that came with a message or as a part of certain traditions and rituals.

Despite their worldwide popularity, flowers became actual symbols and ways of communicating in the Victorian Era. It was during Queen Victoria’s reign that flowers started being used to express feelings and deliver specific messages. Because of the strict social etiquette that had to be respected back in those times, flowers were a great way of being able to express your feelings without breaking any codes of conduct. Since then, people have been paying more attention to flowers as time passed. Offering flowers is a gesture that comes with history and a lot of intense feelings.

The Way Flowers Are Divided Depending on What They Mean

As time passed, people have created a whole culture around flowers. One of the most compelling ways flowers have been classified is based on the type of emotion each of them expresses. You can choose the flowers you offer by inspiring yourself from a variety of categories that have been created in order to create a «code» of the flowers. Flowers are divided into flowers of love, flowers of friendship, flowers of admiration, flowers of joy, and even flowers of gratitude, among others.

We can give you a few short examples to help you understand better: red roses and red tulips are flowers of love. Yellow roses are flowers of friendship. Pink or peach roses are flowers of gratitude. Having decent knowledge when it comes to flowers is undoubtedly considered a great quality by everyone. Make sure that you know what type of flowers to offer, depending on the event that’s taking place, even if it’s a birthday party or a romantic date.

Some of The Best Choices You Can Make When Offering Flowers

Choosing what flowers you offer to someone depends on what your feelings are for that person. Like we said before, a whole language has been created around flowers, and you want to make sure that you’re well informed. You do not give out the wrong message. If you’re offering flowers to your special someone, some of the best choices are red tulips or roses, dahlias, or red camellias. You can be confident that by giving one of these flowers as a gift, you send a compelling message that can be easily understood.

If you admire or respect someone very much and you want to offer them a gift that truly expresses what you feel, you can choose orchids, camellias, or roses. What’s very important when offering flowers is that you should know what they symbolize. You never know when you’re offering flowers to someone that’s accustomed to their language.

How You Can Send A Message Depending on What Type of Flowers You Offer

Offering someone a bouquet of red roses isn’t the same as providing a single red tulip. Even though some flowers have the same meaning, that doesn’t mean they express the same thing. Expressing yourself by offering someone flowers is a beautiful and sincere way of opening yourself up. Most of us think about flowers only when we’re thinking about love, but that’s not the case.

You can always surprise your parents or maybe your mentors with a beautiful flower bouquet that’s supposed to show your gratitude and admiration. You can also offer your close friends flowers from time to time in order to make sure they know how you feel about them. The only way we can keep people in our lives is by communicating and always refreshing our relationships. Then again, merely communicating may not be enough sometimes. How you communicate is also very relevant. Speaking your mind and heart through flowers offers so much more than it seems. Instead of words, you can give the people around you vibrant and lively colors, beautiful scents, and a touch of nature.

All in all, knowing what flowers symbolize can help you make the best decisions, based on who you send the flowers to and what you can do to express your feelings in the most efficient way.

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