Floral fashion ideas for mom and daughter

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They often say that daughters will end up dressing like their moms. Have you found this to be the case? Of course during a daughter’s early years they don’t have much say in what they wear! During these years daughters are more than happy to wear what their mom wants and this can often lead to cute matching outfits. In the summer months nothing makes for a better mom and daughter outfit than floral patterned dresses. Does any of this floral fashion give you ideas for the coming months?

Floral fashion ideas for mom and daughter

Ariba pervaiz

floral fashion dress and headband

On Instagram and Pinterest it has become a very common trend to put up pictures of mom and daughter in matching outfits. Few people have been more succesful than Ariba Pervaiz and her daughter, who wear matching outfits every day. Amongst of their collection of 4 whole wardrobes worth of clothes they possess many items of floral fashion! Take a look here at her Instagram page to check out even more of her matching outfits. Which is your favourite? The outfit in this picture could be great inspiration for a summer outfit for yourself, even if you aren’t looking to match with someone else!


floral fashion rose dress


I think we can all agree that this is a very cute outfit for mom and daughter. Roses are a flower of passion so a great way to show the undying love that a mom has for their child. So therefore this makes a great outfit to show the world the special bond that you share.

kallie solwa 

floral jumpers


It’s not just long floral dresses that make great mom and daughter outfits. This outfit is a great more casual option, with a floral patterned headband for daughter and floral earrings for mom no look could be more happy and summery! Are you looking to wear something equally cheerful this summer?

candace and scarlett

floral headbands floral fashion


Even without a completely matching outfit, mom and daughter look great together with matching floral headbands as in this photo of Candace and Scarlett. If you would like to create your own floral headband, like those featured in the photo, check out our step by step instructions from our previous blog and you and your daughter can look equally as good!

maria antonia

floral white dress floral fashion


Maria Antonia and her daughter’s matcing outfit could not be any more summery if they tried! With all varieties of summer flowers you can’t help but smile when seeing these dresses. Can you identify all of the types of flower on this dress? If you can let us know in the comments.

Having seen all of these mom and daughter floral fashion ideas, have you taken any inspiration for matching outfits this summer? Which mom and daughter pull off the look best?


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