Send Your Mom the Perfect Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement

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Mother‘s Day is an occasion to celebrate the incredible mother figures in your life. These women do so much for our families and us, that they deserve at least one day of appreciation and relaxation. Mother’s Day is going to be here again before you know it, and you should be prepared. If you haven’t thought of gifts yet, get her flowers! It is a beautiful surprise that can touch her heart as soon as she sees the lovely bouquet.

In this article, you are going to learn:

  • The different types of flowers you can send your mom
  • What vases to include with your bouquet
  • How to write a Mother’s Day message

Your mom deserves the best. She has been there through all of your ups and downs and always knows what to say to make things better. This May, join the rapidly rising trend of bouquet giving on Mother’s Day. There are plenty of options to choose from when deciding what flowers to include in your arrangement. Here are some of the most popular blooms that you could send her:


Carnation bouquets are a pretty way of showing the love you have for your mom. These flowers were once fading away after many decades of being a much sought-after flower. Recently, they have started to make a comeback. The highly textured bloom is beautiful and feminine.

Pink carnations are typically the color that most go for on Mother’s Day. This color symbolizes a mother’s love perfectly. However, if you don’t want to go for the typical pink hue, there is a rainbow of carnation colors to choose from. Whites, yellows, and reds can all send the right statement to a woman who you love so much.


Hydrangeas are pretty flowers that pack a powerful punch. When in full bloom, the look is full and gorgeous and is going to make your mom smile from ear to ear when she receives them. Its colors come in green, purple, blue, red, white, and pink. There is something for every type of mother! The rounded blooms look beautiful in a vase or any other simple presentation. These flowers are showstoppers.


These classic flowers say the most. Of course, roses come in many colors. If you believe in flower symbolism, you can give your mother a light pink bouquet to symbolize admiration and sweetness. When you pair red and white roses together, they represent unity. Both of these options can be an ideal choice for her. There are other gorgeous colors you can gift if you want to avoid symbolic gestures. Yellows, corals, purples, and oranges are just the tip of the iceberg. Think about your mom’s style to decide on what bouquet to send her.

You can’t go wrong with these flowers. You can even mix and match multiple roses to create your unique statement for your mom. Your local florist can help you come up with the ultimate bouquet that is full of flash and flair.


Orchids are considered an ornamental plant. They are exotic looking and can represent beauty, grace, and strength. Isn’t your mom all of that? Usually, when you gift an orchid, it is in a small vase or container. You don’t have to pair the flower with anything else if you don’t want to. If you’re going to include the orchid in a bouquet, they go well with roses and other tropical-looking blooms. Orchid colors are as unique as the flower itself. You can have fun with this plant, and choose something spectacular.

Pretty Vases

You can also include a beautiful vase or container to go with the flowers you are sending. Ask your florist if they have a list of vessels that pair well with your bouquets. The style you choose should match the blooms and also keeps your mother’s style. You don’t want the container to take away from the floral arrangement in any way.

There are rounded vases that can go well with most blooms, and tall vases that go well with plants with longer stalks like sunflowers or daisies. Make your mom’s day is magical and memorable with the perfect package.

Mother’s Day Message

Once you decide on the flowers, it is time to think about the note you want to send along with the bouquet. There are many Mother’s Day messages that you can come up with that sends the perfect sentiment. For those who have a hard time writing a note, there are some tips you can use to make the most out of your Mother’s Day card. You need to keep in mind that you only have a few sentences available to include with your bouquet.

  • Write down some ideas of what you want to say as it comes to you. Take notes that you can ultimately put together to make a loving statement. This note-taking may take some trial and error, but be patient with the process.
  • Think about your mom as you write. Maybe include a funny saying she always says, or add a memory that is just between you two. Now is the time to tug at her heartstrings!
  • Don’t forget to address the note accordingly. What do you call your mother when you’re at home? Decide if you want to keep it casual or take on a more serious tone. You want the note to make an impact when it is written down. Then you can end the short letter with love. You can include your name or a nickname your mom uses for you.
  • Read the message a few times over in your head before you make your final decision on what you are going to send her. If it puts a smile on your face, then you know you have written the note down perfectly!

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the favorite woman in your life. When you send her flowers on her day, make sure you are giving her the perfect package. The right blooms, vase, and Mother’s Day note can warm her heart upon receipt. She deserves to be treated like gold.

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