6 of the best TV moms

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Mother’s Day is a little over a week away now, and as we get ever nearer, it’s time to think about our moms. What kind of mom is your mom? Does she like flowers? Or maybe she’s more a jewelry kind of mom, dreaming of a spa-like experience at home, or maybe even perfume is more her kind of gift?

Marie Barone – Everybody Loves Raymond


Marie was always the ultimate stereotype of the nightmare mother-in-law. Living just over the road, Marie made sure that Raymond was never short of her love, attention and home made meals… after all, why would he not want that from his mom? However, poor Robert didn’t get quite the same treatment, and it’s fair to say that Debora didn’t always appreciate Marie’s ‘assistance’! Your mom may not be like this, but you may have a mother-in-law or grandmother who isn’t far off…

Marge Simpson – The Simpsons


To a lot of 90s kids, Marge is the mom of a generation. Who didn’t spend their recesses discussing why their moms didn’t have tall blue hair like her? She had the hard task of looking after four children, not just Bart, Lisa and Maggie, but Homer too, and we all know that our dads can sometimes behave like the youngest of the bunch! Even with that in mind, Marge never lets her kids want for anything.

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Morticia Addams – The Addams Family


The most bizarre and terrifying of this bunch has got to be Morticia Addams. A dark and scary mom, but at the same time a loving mother to her strange children. She may be more likely to give you nightmares than inspiration this Mother’s Day, but we all know that some of her traits apply to most moms when you didn’t clean your room for a few weeks and she discovered your collection of dishes and glasses…

Carol Brady – The Brady Bunch


Carol was the sweetheart of America for years, overcoming being left alone by her ex-husband to care for her three kids. In her new family in the Brady Bunch, she proved the doubters wrong and became the typical stay at home mom in America. Her life became recognizable to so many moms who had to deal with kids left, right and center, but she stayed calm throughout and your mom could easily have been doing the same! She deserved a special Mother’s Day treat!

Lois – Malcolm in the Middle


Lois is the temperamental control freak mom that we all know and drives us all crazy, but we know that she is only trying to do what’s best. When you have children like Lois, it’s quite easy to see why she was a little overbearing, with five nightmare children, a short temper is to be expected! Let’s hope that you didn’t, and still don’t, push mom quite as far as Malcolm and his brothers did…

Samantha Stephens – Bewitched


The magical mom of Tabitha and Adam, Samantha always put her family first, despite having magical abilities. Dealing with naughty children is difficult enough, let alone when they have magical powers too! A fiery and passionate woman, Samantha was one of the first woman on TV to stand up for herself and her rights, she sparked a change in typical attitudes towards moms, which might be why you hold your mom in such high regard this Mother’s Day!

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Your mom is the best though! After all, if it wasn’t for your mom, you’d be living the lifestyle of Mr Bean…


This Mother’s Day, whatever your mom is like, say thank you with flowers and give her the perfect surprise with a flower delivery. Make her smile and have a great day, whether you’re there with her or not!