Find the Perfect Words to Tell Your Mom with Mother’s Day Messages

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Once a year, we take time to remember and celebrate the fantastic female figures in our lives – we are talking about our mothers. Whether they are biologically related to us, or not, they have been there for us when we needed a mother figure to support and care for us. Mother’s Day is just one day, but there are things we can do and say to show them that they mean the world to us. Why have one day commemorating them? Why not surprise them for all their sacrifices to ensure that we are taken care of at any time?

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The Flower to Give Your Mother

Are you looking to give a gift that is timeless and one where you can’t go wrong? Flowers they are a great Mother’s Day and overall gift to show someone how much you appreciate them. 

Some ideal flowers to consider to give for Mother’s Day or any time of the year, but that your mom would appreciate include:  


Carnations are a budget-friendly flower and a great way of showing your mom how much you love and care for her. The love you have for your mom is priceless, and this flower shows that. There are different colors of carnations to pick from, each with a different meaning. Some standard colors of carnations that would be great to get your mom are: 

Red – love, and affection

White – pure and innocent love 

Yellow – appreciation and respect

Pink – a popular color to give a mother


Hydrangeas, when in full bloom, are voluptuous and a pretty sight. They can give volume to any bouquet. Similar to carnations, they can come in an array of colors. Carnations are available in green, purple, pink, red, and white. You can give a carnation that is based on your mom’s favorite color, or stick to the universal color of love and give her red. Hydrangeas are a definite floral showstopper. 


In a time crunch and don’t know what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Stick to a floral classic, the rose. Roses, like carnations and hydrangeas, come in an array of colors. 

Popular rose colors to pick from include: 

Still unsure what kind of roses to get your mom? Are you overwhelmed with the options available to you? You can mix and match the different rose colors and surprise your mom! 


Considered an ornamental plant, they are exotic and represent beauty, grace, and strength, how suiting of a flower to give to your mom, a woman who embodies all that an orchid represents. Orchids can be gifted as part of a bouquet or as a single plant in a pot. They also come in many tropical-like colors, from pink to orange and white. 

Mother’s Day Sayings and Quotes

Once you have picked a flower to give your mom, it is time to think about what is going to accompany the flowers. It can sometimes be hard to know what to say or write in the card, especially since flowers often say what we can struggle to express, our feelings. 

Here some ideas on what to say and include in a card to your mom, whether it be Mother’s Day or any day of the year.  

  • Write about a time your mom did something for you that meant a lot to you, whether that is showing up at your soccer tournament, or picking you up after a late-night partying.  
  • Share a memory that your mom may not think you cherish or remember that is sure to surprise her, but more importantly, it is going to show her just how much she means to you. 

Looking for some pre-written messages? Here are some quick Mother’s Day sayings you can use for your card: 

  • “Thank you for every hug, word of encouragement, an act of love you have given me. I am not me without you.” 
  • “Wishing you a calm and relaxing Mother’s Day – you deserve to be pampered.” 
  • “Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for always being a shining example of what I want to be like when I grow up.” 
  • “Thank you for laughing with us in the best of times and sticking with us through the worst of times – what would we do without you?” 

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women in our lives who have impacted and inspired us. When you send her flowers, you acknowledge all that she had done. We are appreciating her and reminding her that without her, chaos would ensue. 

Other Ways to Celebrate Mom

Don’t just want to give your mom flowers this Mother’s Day? Here are some other ways to celebrate your mom and show her how much she’s worth to you! 

  • Spa Day – reserve a special day at the spa, whether you are her plus-one or if you get it for her and a friend. She is sure to appreciate a day being pampered. 
  • A night off – is your mom the one who does all the laundry, cleaning, and cooking? Why not surprise her and do all that stuff that she usually does for the household? Surprise her with a night off and encourage her to go out and do something for herself. 
  • Shopping spree – sometimes, moms get so busy that they forget to take care of themselves, which is why a shopping spree would be a great way to encourage them to splurge on themselves. 

Mother’s always put the needs of their children first, encourage them to put themselves first, and to be spoiled with love and presents. 

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