How to Decorate Your House for a Spring Party

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How to Decorate Your House for a Spring Party

Spring is in the air and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than with family and friends? There are a number of ways to do this and quite possibly the most fun way to do this is with a party!!


Decorating your Home

For a fresh summery feel set up a table in your home with all your food and drinks on it so they can remain cool and dot around vases of spring time flowers so their scent can circulate. Add a sprig of spring blossoms in a tall vase as a simple centre piece for your buffet table will bring your spring garden into your home.  Also the sprig of blossom will ensure that no pollen will drop onto the dishes around as it may do with other floral arrangements. Open the doors and if you have a garden, allow your guests to spill outside to enjoy the sunshine. Lay out some informal seating or scatter cushions and picnic blankets for people to mingle and feel relaxed. Get rid of your clutter, people don’t want to be stepping over the kids’ toys in the yard or knocking over anything of value on your sideboard with their elbows, and move the furniture around if you feel as though this might help the party ‘flow’ better.


Summery flavoured drinks are easy to conjure up – punches and cocktails being the ultimate summer tipple. It’s easy to come up with a combination of mocktails, non-alcoholic punches and of course a highly potent alcoholic one for those who really want to get into the party spirit! Use simple summery high ball glasses – plastic ones from camping shops are a great alternative to your finest cut crystal and all add to the summery atmosphere. Add fresh ice cubes infused with edible flower petals or berries to add a hint of summer to the drinks jugs.


The food should be simple and summery. Picnic buffet style food is easy to prepare, dips, salads, olives, sliders and open sandwiches are all good easy to prepare in advance foodstuffs. Desserts shouldn’t be too heavy – if it’s warm people won’t want to eat hot food, keep it light and simple. Again think about the sort of foodstuff you would take to a picnic. Fruit desserts or a cheesecake decorated with edible flowers is a perfect way to finish off the menu and the flowers on the cake will carry on the spring vibe.

Include as much of a flower based theme as possible into your event and use summery napkins and crockery too. This will keep up the spring theme of your party and will add instant cheer; of course don’t forget to keep topping up those jugs of punch to ensure everyone has a cheery smile!

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