How To Have The Happiest Home With Plants and Flowers

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We often think of flowers when we want to make a celebration or special day happier. However, why stop there? Why not create the happiest home with plants and flowers to enjoy that feeling all year round? We’re going to show you today not only why the happiest homes stay that way with the help of plants but also just which types you should choose to get the best of these positive effects.

Why flowers and plants make a home happier

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There are plenty of reasons to feel good when you have flowers or plants in your home. Bright colours, pleasant fragrances, and in some cases, cleaning the air, all help homes feel a little bit more positive. Scientific experiments that have measured the happiness of receiving flowers flowers against those that didn’t have found that the more flowers could influence a positive mood, which lasted several days.

Other studies that measured the effect of flowers around the home found an increased level of social compassion as well as a decrease in negativity and anxiety in homeowners who participated. Indoor plants too have numerous proven benefits to keep your home happy and can even to make you perform better in creative tasks if they are within sight.

Where will my plants and flowers create the most smiles in the home?

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Ideally you should always place your fresh flowers or plants somewhere in the home where you can see them as much as possible. Kitchens, living rooms and hallways are all great spots, where your family or housemates will get to enjoy their positive benefits as they move about the home.

Additionally, as one study found, people loved seeing their bouquets or houseplants first thing in the morning, so the bedroom could be a great place to place your indoor plants so you can always wake up fresh and positive. There are also numerous benefits to sleeping in the same room as potted plants, as they filter carbon dioxide and release oxygen helping you enjoy a deeper more restful sleep.

Five of the best flowers to keep your home happiest:

Five of the best plants to keep your home happiest:

How to keep your plants and flowers happiest for the longest

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Obviously the longer your plants and flowers last, the longer you can enjoy their mood boosting effects. Cut flowers and plants have quite different lifespans but the same general elements are necessary for the longest life in your home.

Those elements are light, water and nourishment. Positioning your indoor plants carefully so they get the sunlight they need (without giving them too much), enough water to flourish and a little plant food ever week or so and you should enjoy their presence at home for longer.

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