Best Office Plants to Help You Become More Productive

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A vast majority of the people working in corporations, or at any office are going through daily stress and have a rigid working program. Some consider their job as being boring and repetitive, some exhausting, and they don’t have time to take a deep breath. A solution to decrease the day-to-day pressure and anxiety caused by the job would be to add a lively little plant on your working desk. Plants help to improve productivity and satisfaction and bring a peaceful and harmonious vibe in the room.

What you have to take into consideration is that plants need maintenance and care; otherwise, you can arrive at work and find a sad or withered flower. Before purchasing a new accessory for your working space, take into consideration the variety of plants and choose an air-cleaning and mood-boosting one, which is not as pretentious. Let’s keep reading to find out more about:

* How can plants influence your mood
* Advantages of having plants in your life
* Facts about plants
* Plants that require low maintenance
* Best plants for your working space

How Can Plants Influence Your Mood

As human beings, we need a strong relation with nature wherever we are, indoor or outdoor. A study shows that whether we are in a restaurant, hospital, school, or store and plants or trees are present, a person automatically feels happier. They can significantly improve a person’s mood.

Also, in an experiment in 2010, different individuals were placed in a room with a colorful object, another with no colorful objects, and one with plants. The room with plants caused people to increase their concentration level, be more cheerful, happy, friendly, and playful. Moreover, plants diminish stress, control anger, and induce more positive attitudes. Therefore, you can imagine the effect a plant might have if you keep it around when you work.

Advantages of Having Plants in Your Life

Besides the significant influence a plant has on a person’s mood, stress reduction, and diminishes the negative vibe at the working place, there are more advantages you might be surprised to find out. A plant improves the air quality and humidity level, saves energy, reduces absenteeism, lowers the discomfort, boosts creativity, productivity, and concentration. All these factors can be considered as the resources that we need to boost performance in a great constructive and productive environment.

Facts About Plants

Here is a shortlist of surprising facts about plants that can help you boost your plant knowledge. These are only a few reasons why we need to surround ourselves with beautiful plants:

* Did you know that 85% of plant life is placed in the ocean?
* Did you know that plants are usually used as medicine for people, having a healing effect on our bodies? More than 70,000 species contribute to the drug’s formulas, especially in the US.
* Did you know that plants dislike human noise? A study was made by the biologist Daniel Chamovitz and proved that plants could feel, smell, and remember.
* Did you know that 90% of the food eaten by people is made from just 30 plants?
* Did you know that, in Peru and Ecuador, there is a type of orchid that looks similar to a monkey’s face?

Plants That Require Low Maintenance

Are you looking for plants that are very easy to care for because the time doesn’t permit you to be very concerned about it? Here are some plants that are perfect for busy people:

* Cacti might be the first option for anyone that is looking for a plant to place in the working space. Cacti don’t require much; they flourish in the natural light, need to be watered once a week in the warmer seasons, and every three weeks during fall and winter.
* Devil’s Ivy, or Pothos, is known for being very easy to take care of. They are not pretentious regarding the light they are exposed to, and they can easily live in a dark spot. Moreover, it gives you signs of what it needs. If the plant was overwatered, its leaves turn yellow; while it is thirsty, the leaves are droopy.
* Jade Plants have the aspect of a mini tree and need medium light for a few hours daily, so they are suitable for your office. The only thing you should be careful about is the soil. It has to be dry before it gets watered again, so make sure you check it.
* Just like cacti, ZZ Plant requires to be placed in a moderate to bright light and little watering. Its tall leaves stand straight and brighten the room with a green tone. When the leaves start falling, do not worry; it means that the plant needs a proper watering to return to its former shape.

Best Plants for Your Working Space

Plants offer lots of benefits, especially when placed in an office or a study room. Therefore, apart from low-maintenance plants, here are some more ideas to help you decorate your office.

One of the best plants to choose for your desk can be aloe vera. The plant is easy to maintain, but it requires one essential thing: bright light. If your office is near a window, do not hesitate to add an aloe plant in your working space.

A plant that can give your space a more tropical or exotic appearance would be the bamboo. It sometimes grows tall, spirals, waves, or has a heart shape. It can grow without soil, only in water, and requires low light. What you have to take into consideration is that the bamboo grows very slowly, so give it patience.

All in all, all you have to do is to add a beautiful and unique plant in your office that brings positive vibes, mood, and health benefits.

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