How to choose the best plants and flowers to decorate your home

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You’ve probably seen plenty of houses decorated with plants that make you want to fill yours up with pots and vases.

Yet, when you set out to do it you have no idea where to begin.

The possibilities are endless, and often you don’t know whether the flower or the plant you like so much will be able to survive in the part of your home where you want it to live.

In this article, we will give you some tips so that you can fearlessly decorate any nook or cranny in your home with flowers or plants.

Let’s begin the tour!

Plants and flowers for spaces without much light

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In general, halls and corridors tend to have little to no light, so you would be forgiven for thinking they are unsuitable spaces for plants and flowers.

But never fear: did you know there are plants with superpowers capable of living in places with barely any light?

Bromeliads, sansevierias and calatheas are beautiful plants that don’t need much light to stay in perfect shape. What’s more, they’re the ideal plants for those starting out in the world of gardening.

Bathrooms also tend to lack natural light. In this case, the best options are plants that thrive on humidity and don’t need direct sunlight, such as orchids and anthuriums.

If you’re thinking of putting a bouquet of fresh flowers in a room without much natural light, we advise you to find somewhere else for it, as flowers need a minimum of light if you don’t want them to wither in no time. You can always choose an artificial flower arrangement or fragranced dried flowers. They are safe bets and equally elegant options.

So there we have it: now you know it’s possible to decorate darker spaces with plants and flowers. However, try to make sure they have at least some natural light. After all, they are living beings!

Decorating the kitchen with greenery

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Herbal plants are a highly recommendable option for decorating this part of the house. Parsley, rosemary, basil and mint will add a fresh and delicious touch to both your dishes and your kitchen. However, to remain in perfect condition, they need a lot of light.

If your kitchen is not very bright, we recommend more robust plants, like aloe vera and the cactus family. They will also inject a touch of green and joy into the room.

Which flowers or plants are best for bright rooms?

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Bright rooms are paradise for plants and flowers and offer endless decorative possibilities. Nonetheless, it’s important to try and ensure they don’t receive too much direct sunlight, as they could get burned.

In very bright rooms, it’s always a good idea to introduce a hint of colour and contrast with fresh flowers.

Gerberas, which symbolise joy and innocence, may be an ideal and fun option for this type of setting, as they come in multiple colours you can combine to fill a room with positive energy.

Alternatively, red roses or alstroemerias add an elegant and classic touch to pale-coloured rooms, for instance.

If a plant is what you’re looking for, the calathea, the corn plant and the Swiss cheese plant are very easy to look after and look fabulous in your bedroom or living room.

The best balcony plants and flowers

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If you have a little terrace or balcony and you want to fill it with life using plants and flowers, it’s important to bear in mind the amount of light it receives and its exposure to rain.

Geraniums, daisies and lavender, for instance, are safe bets for very sunny balconies as they are sturdy plants that love a lot of sunlight.

If your balcony is not very sunny, you can choose the busy lizzie, begonia or the vinca, as they grow well in darker places. However, low temperatures must be avoided, and they should be watered regularly.

Again, we don’t recommend putting your bouquet of flowers on a balcony if it’s very sunny, as the direct sunlight is too aggressive for them. In the summer, if the nights are not too hot, you can put your vase outside to give your flowers some air and refresh them.

We hope these tips are useful and help you to choose the perfect plants and flowers to decorate your home. As you can see, you’ll always find an option that works for you.

Can you tell us which other flowers and plants you use to decorate your home?

All suggestions are welcome 🙂


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