Decoration ideas for the spring

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The days are growing longer, blossom is appearing on the trees and you can finally head out without a coat, it can only mean one thing, spring is here! It’s time to get out those feather dusters and have a good old spring clean. Having a clean isn’t enough though is it? To really feel like spring is here and that summer is around the corner we need to bring some bright colours into the home. How are planning to add some spring colours to your house? Read on to discover some great spring decoration ideas!

Decoration ideas

Easter egg vase

easter egg vase

Of course, the main event that comes to mind when we think of spring is Easter. So what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring that creating a floral centrepiece inspired by our favourite part of Easter; the eggs! The colourful eggs are very simple to make, simply hard boil them and dye them with your favourite colours.

We would recommend filling the vase with a very colourful bouquet, such as this stunning mix of pink gerberas. Perhaps next time you send flowers, you could provide them with these instructions so that they could create this decoration for themselves.

Jelly bean tree

jelly bean tree

This is a great way to add some colour to your home and have some real fun with all the family while creating it. But if you have kids don’t be surprised to see it slowly lose the beans! Take a look here for a full tutorial.

Spring tulip wreath 

tulip wreath

For all of those who love a bit of DIY with flowers, this is the perfect spring decoration. Combining these bright and bold tulips with the wreath creates a really stunning decoration which really sums up the spirit of spring. To find out how to make it, take a look at these instructions.

Letter wreath

diy letter decor

Be it an ‘S’ to represent spring or a family initial, having a florally decorated letter is a fantastic decoration to bring a touch of colour and nature to any home. These wreaths are very simple to make, take a look here for further details.

umbrella wreath

umbrella bouquet

This is one of our favourite decoration ideas. If you want some inspiration for a truly unique way to decorate your door this spring, then you’ve found the right place. This umbrella wreath filled with a bouquet of tulips will really turn the heads of your friends when they enter in your home! For details on how to put this stunning arrangement together, visit here.

flower ball bouquet

flower ball bouquet decoration ideas

This lovely decoration is perfect for spring. The bright pink colour on this cute flower ball will make a real impression, wherever it may be in your house. For those who love a bit of arts and crafts, making this flower ball will be a great way to spend a couple of hours one evening this week. Follow this link for more details.

milk bottle vase

milk bottle decoration ideas

Who would have known that you could make milk bottles look so good? All you have to do to create this fun vase is place 9 bottles together 3×3 and tie them together with string. All that’s left to do then is choose the flowers to go in them. What type of bouquet do you think would look best in here?

We think for this time of year a bouquet of gerberas would be the perfect choice. For this reason this beautifully colourful flower is our flower of the month this March. Take a look at our selection here. If you are looking at sending flowers to a friend or a family member this month, then we couldn’t think of a better flower!

Source: CountryLiving

welly boot vase

welly boots bouquet decoration ideas

Now winter is on its way out, we have less need to bring out the wellies to wade through the mud, so why don’t you give them a totally different use this spring? As recommended, all you have to do to ensure the flowers stay fresh is to use individual water tubes and then these flowers can sparkle as an original centrepiece in any room.

We hope that we have provided you with some great decoration ideas for this spring. Which of these are you most likely to put up in your home? Leave a comment below, it’d be great to hear from you!