Enjoy the Beautiful Rhododendron Flower in Your Home’s Garden

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Researchers think that due to their diversity of shapes, colors, and scents, flowers have a translating property of the different emotions felt by men, such as joy, sadness, and love. For this reason, they have been cultivated and used as vectors of those emotions. They are perfect to accompany emotional events in our lives.

Rhododendron is native to areas with extreme temperatures, such as the forests of Asia, North America, and Europe. This plant is highly appreciated as a flowering fence or a dressing in the front gable of a house. It has good qualities. First, it is resistant to the cold. It is rustic and does not suffer from a rather dark exposition, particularly in the undergrowth. Secondly, its persistent leaves are attractive throughout the year and can sometimes show off beautiful autumn colors.

In this article, we are going to talk about rhododendron flower, by following these points:

* What Is the Meaning of the Rhododendron Flower?
* How to Plant Rhododendron Flower?
* What Are Rhododendron Flower Diseases?
* Facts about Rhododendron
* What Is the Rhododendron Festival?

What Is the Meaning of the Rhododendron Flower?

In Greek, rhododendron flower means “rose tree” to describe its wonderful flowers, sometimes pink, white, or speckled with purple or perhaps even carmine. As a lovely, delicate plant, rhododendron can withstand full sunshine but rather prefer light shadow or the cover of a taller plant. Additionally, it is a heather soil plant and it dreads the limestone in the soil, so be careful!

In the language of flowers, rhododendron, also known as azalea, and represents moderation. Indeed, this beautiful plant is not without danger… The reputation of rhododendron as a toxic plant has led it to be called a danger symbol.

In another context, rhododendron is the iconic flower of the State of Washington in the USA. In 1892, before the American women in Washington were given the right to vote, they selected rhododendron to symbolize their state during the World’s Fair in 1893, the floral exhibition in Chicago. After that, the Russian rhododendron prevailed and was ultimately chosen as the state’s official emblem.

How to Plant Rhododendron Flower?

The most important thing to know if you are growing rhododendron is that it requires heather soil and good drainage. If you have limestone soil, it is best if you dig a larger hole to get as much briar soil in as possible. The Russian rhododendron can tolerate shade, mid-shade, and sunlight, even if it fears to overheat.

It is advisable to plant the Russian rhododendron in the autumn. It is tolerant if planted in the spring or winter but not during periods of frost. If you wish to plant it in the summer, provide regular and consistent watering the first year after planting. Preferably, choose a partially shady or sunny spot, but never a hot spot. Avoid at all costs areas that are regularly flooded because this shrub is afraid of stagnant water. The rhododendron’s maintenance is quite easy. The soil must be kept slightly moist. The best way to do this is to mulch the soil with pine bark.

What Are Rhododendron Flower Diseases?

The rhododendron is a disease-resistant tree when it is well planted. In the case of high humidity, it is much more prone to diseases. If the leaves and shoots of the Russian rhododendron are becoming brown, this is often due to poor soil drainage and, consequently, stagnant water at the roots. Rhododendron must keep its feet away from the water and the moisture must drain quickly. It is advisable to mix the soil with some sand and, most importantly, to place a bed of clay logs or stones at the base of the hole to let the water drain to the bottom.

Rhododendron may suffer from the leaf blister-like projections on the leaves. Even though it is not generally too severe, the mushroom called Exobasidium vaccinii is also known as leaf scab. In most cases, simply pulling off the diseased leaves is sufficient to kill the disease.

If the leaves of the rhododendron flower are becoming yellow, this can be normally caused by the soil becoming too calcareous. This leads to the chlorosis of the plant. It is advisable to use briar soil for surfacing.

Facts about Rhododendron

It is perhaps one of the most beautiful shrubs to decorate your garden. Rhododendron gives superb flowering from very early spring and beautiful greenery throughout the year.

It can grow old and thus grow imposing, some plants are more than 5 meters high. Its blooms, grouped in bouquets up to 20 and 25 cm in size, range from pink to red, white and purple, according to the species.

What Is the Rhododendron Festival?

Founded in 1859, the Granada Estate (20 minutes from the city of Bordeaux) has an exceptional heritage in terms of architecture and scenery. On the 150th birthday, the estate celebrates the rhododendron Festival on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of May. The blooming of these lovely plant peaks in the middle of May, and for some, it is the best period to have some celebration.

Moreover, there is a remarkable park, a label of the French Ministry of Culture, also considered as the biggest rhododendron forest in Europe.

Rhododendron can grow all year long, except during periods of frost and dryness. The best time to do it is during April or May, except in warm regions where rhododendron is usually planted in October. The roots of rhododendron are not particularly deep, making them easy to extract. This way, you can replant it anytime.

In the language of flowers, this beautiful and charming plant, also known as azalea, represents moderation. It is principally due to its reputation as a toxic plant. Do not forget that rhododendron is perhaps one of the most beautiful shrubs to decorate your garden. It gives superb flowering from very early spring and beautiful greenery throughout the year. It can grow old and thus grow imposing and exceed 5 meters high. Its blooms are very colorful with shades of pink, red, white, and purple, according to the species.