Easy ideas on How to Water Plants While Away

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Science is always teetering one way or another when it comes to recommendations for our mental and physical health. There is one recommendation that has stayed pretty consistent throughout the years, and that is that plants, in all their different shapes and forms, can improve our environment and our health. Millions of people around the world have brought plants into their homes, to their front and back yards, basking in their beauty and health benefits. Unfortunately, for those looking to leave home for the holidays or business, figuring out the best ways to keep their plants alive and thriving can be quite confusing. We have compiled some easy steps for watering your plants while you’re on the go, so they can keep on giving to you and your family.

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  • Use Those Plastic Bottles
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  • Drip to Sip
  • Greenhouse Ideas

Should You Worry for a Few Days?

Before we get into the myriad of tricks you can use to keep your indoor or outdoor garden healthy and strong while you are away, ask yourself if the length of time you are gone is even worth worrying over your plants? Most plants can survive for a week without water, so if you are gone for just a handful of days, simply give a nice big shot of water to all your plants and you can carry on with your trip without a single thought to them. Except perhaps if you have a cat who likes to push plants off shelves, then be wary.

The Friendly Neighbor

Many people get a little shy to ask someone for help, especially when they are gone, but what are friends and neighbors for? It only requires a little planning ahead and you can have someone on hand once or twice a week to do a quick watering on your green friends to keep them alive and kicking until you return to resume your loving stewardship of them.

The Wick Trick

The Wick Trick is quite an old technique and is fun to set up. Find yourself a large container, something that can hold a good amount of water, such as a bucket or perhaps a vase. After that, get some cotton rope. You can find these at most stores that sell hardware and other appliances. First, you have to cut off a piece of the rope, the length being long enough that it can stretch between the bottom of your container to the soil of your plant. Push the ropes end a few inches down into the soil, then rest the other end into the bottom of your container and fill it up with water. The cotton wicks water from the container into your potted plant, which allows it to maintain a consistent moisture level.

Use Those Plastic Bottles

With all the damage we are doing to the environment with our use of plastic, it’s a nice idea to use them for something eco-friendly. Grab yourself a large plastic bottle, such as the two-liter formats, and puncture some holes in their lids. You can do this by whacking a small nail gently into the lid with a hammer. You can also get a set of irrigation spikes that are funnel-shaped, which helps in slowing down how the water is released. Fill up the bottles with water, then throw your lid back on. Once that is done, pop the bottle over and push it into the soil beside each plant that requires watering. Remember that the weather, people, and wandering animals may overturn your bottle so make sure to make it as stable as you possibly can by piling soil around and over it, or some other contraption to keep it from moving.

Wine Anyone?

Anyone with a bit of a wine habit may find this method pleasurable. There is a product by the name of plant nanny wine bottle stakes that you can buy and then use to recycle your empty wine bottles and put them to good use keeping your green buddies alive. All you need to do is take an empty bottle, fill it to the brim with water, then screw it into the nanny stakes. After that, simply push the stake into your potted plant, and the water slowly releases into the soil.

Drip to Sip

If you have an extensive collection of outdoor containers, it might be time to invest in an automatic drip system. Taking the time and money to set up a system like this saves you plenty of time in the future, whether you are at home or abroad. There isn’t much to do except order the systems online, arrange them according to the layout of your containers, and adjust as necessary over the years as you shift and change your garden. The price tends to be under 100$.

Greenhouse Ideas

If you happen to have a good amount of plants, giving some thought to buying or creating your own mini greenhouse is always a fun project. You can make a small investment and get yourself a terrarium that recycles water online and simply set up and leave in peace, or DIY in easy fashion. Pick out a room in your home that keeps a moderate temperature and is away from direct sunlight, then set up a large open bag on the, hopefully waterproof, floor. Take as many towels as needed to cover all the areas needed for the plants that you have, moisten them and line them up along the bottom of the bag. Once the plants are set up on top, grab the sides of the bag and pull them up and over the plants, until they are fully sealed within. Ideally, you would blow in air to keep the bag puffed out, and then tie it shut with a band. The plants slowly exhale water which then drop back down on to their soil.

Pick Your Favorite

With so many different ways to keep your plants thriving, simply choose whichever seems easiest and most fun for you to do. There is no right or wrong choice.

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