How to care for an orchid

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The orchid is most definitely considered one of the most beautiful flowers the world around. This intriguing flower is so unique in its look and colors that it is sure to catch your eye each time you see it. Its beauty fascinates all who lay eyes on it. Not only those who are passionate about flowers but the novice flower lover as well. An orchid, for this reason makes a great gift choice when looking for something a little different and lasting. They are ideal for decorating your home and office with something different and elegant.

Orchids typically flower during the winter months, but they will often flower during spring and autumn as well depending on the climate in which they are growing. When growing or caring for an orchid it is important to keep in mind these care tips.

Because there are so many varieties of orchids there are no strict rules that can apply to all species, but if you follow these guide lines and take into consideration the needs of your specific species then you should be able to successfully keep your orchid flowering.

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Generally, an orchid will need watering every 5-12 days. They do need an ample amount of water. Most species will want to be completely dry between watering’s, so be sure that the soil has dried out before watering again.


Orchids thrive off sunlight. They do not like to be placed in direct sunlight but they do need to have a fair amount during the day. It is best to place them near a window where they will receive partial light throughout the day. Do not keep them in a shady area as this will not be good for them.

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An orchid will do best if the room temperature is kept between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius

Try keeping your room temperature between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius.


Keep an eye out for pests or disease, orchids can occasionally be affected by bugs or pests. However, they can usually be washed off or treated with an insecticidal soap, if caught soon enough

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