Mum’s Day

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Mother’s Day draws closer with great fanfare in several countries worldwide. It will take place on 10 May. What have you got up your sleeve for this occasion that celebrates the wonderful relationship you have with your mother? Here is the story of a day that is sure to bring great pleasure not only to your mother but also to the whole family, who will have done their utmost to come together on this special day.

Rendez-vous at 10 am

Your mum should be treated like a queen. So you arrange to meet at her place to cook a special lunch or put the finishing touches to the preparations. It’s also time to give her a little box of chocolates, but she mustn’t eat more than two!
If you wish to be a tad more original, organise a brunch instead; it won’t call for much time and it will be just as tasty, if not more, than a traditional meal.



Lunch is ready

Chat about childhood memories, about their own kids; family conversation is never lacking. What’s important is that the conversation flows in a spirit of joy, good humour and laughter over mum’s jokes. Everyone enjoys themselves enormously, all the more with the brunch, since you don’t have to follow any strict organisation.

Walk off the calories

It’s easy for the kids, who are always spilling over with energy, though it’s a bit harder for us grown ups. So a short stroll to digest all that food won’t go amiss. Why not in a flower garden if there is one nearby?nature-670516_640
Afternoon tea and gifts

Special occasions always call for a little over-indulgence in culinary delights, so afternoon tea is a must. It’s also the time to open the gifts and treat your mum to the most exquisite bouquet that will make her the envy of everyone and show her how much you love and cherish her.

Time to relax and unwind

After oohing and aahing over all the beautiful gifts every mum receives, goodbyes are said, a huge kiss is given to our beloved mum, and we hope Mother’s Day next year will be even better, though it seems nigh on impossible to outdo the magnificent day you have just spent together.



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