Red Rose for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, the celebration that allows us to show the women in our lives the special place they hold in our hearts. What’s up your sleeve for the women that breathe beauty into your everyday existence? We might like to think that women occasionally like to receive simple, classic gifts that are yet original on account of their beauty and the happiness they bring into our lives. Roses are endowed with this power.

Body language and flowers

Language of flowers

What is truly wonderful about roses is that they effectively convey a message without the need for words; roses, and generally flowers are an extension of body language. But what might you ask does a flower have to do with body language?

The rose will speak for you

Now picture yourself wishing to declare your love to a woman, yet you cannot muster up those eight letters that are music to the ears of any human being. Your body language does speak to her too yet she cannot fully grasp what you want to get across. Giving her a flower is an expression of love, so a red rose should do the trick, and all the more if you bestow this rose on her on a day as symbolic as Mother’s Day. Romantic and passionate partners, remember that you will have all the trumps up your sleeve and the help needed to accomplish what is intended for you.



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