How to Choose Mother’s Day Flowers

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How to Choose Mother’s Day Flowers

Life is so busy for many of us that we never get the chance to express ourselves as well as we should or spend enough time letting people who matter to us know exactly how we feel. This Mother’s Day let’s make a special effort and spoil our Mums!

We know from an early age that Mother’s love a bouquet. Since we were toddlers and presented them with a few daisies from the garden in an empty yoghurt pot, we know that she will always appreciate our efforts. This year it is time to take it to a new level and surprise her with a gift that far exceeds her expectations and shows her just how special she is.

Choosing Mother’s Day flowers doesn’t have to be a chore. At this time of year there are plenty of spring time options and so many varieties that are only available in this short spell of time that it can often be confusing trying to discover which flowers will be best to use.

Which Colour?

For some a flower is a flower and as long as they look nice then that is all that matters. But this is no ordinary bouquet that you are sending – this is a Mother’s Day bouquet. Does your Mother have a favourite colour? Maybe she has a favourite type of flower? If you are unsure then you can of course just choose something that you think sums her up – a bouquet of stunning lilies not only look and smell  amazing but also have a symbolic meaning too.  Many have a maternal symbolism and can mean hope, loyalty, purity and devotion.

Bouquets in similar shades always stand out and look quite contemporary, regardless of their variety. If you would prefer to mix the bouquet up then why not have a sleek design which makes use of the foliage for example folded leaves around the outside of the bouquet create smooth lines and a fresh look to a bouquet of same shade flowers. They also add an extra touch of colour without ruining the overall impact of the flowers.

How Much Should Mother’s Day Flowers Cost?

We love our Mothers and if money were no object then we would of course choose the biggest and brightest bouquet for her, however , many of us are on a slightly tighter budget so we may believe that a large bouquet may well be out of our reach at the moment. No need to worry about buying a wallet busting bouquet as the cost of a bouquet comes down to the flowers that you choose to put in it. We all know roses are the ultimate symbol of luxury but that’s not to say they need to be unobtainable. So, how do we get a bouquet that is affordable? Mixing up a few stems of the more expensive variety of flowers with some other more affordable varieties will give your bouquet all the glamour of high end flowers without the jaw dropping cost. That’s not to say if you go with a cheaper option it will look cheap. A bouquet of tulips, for example look quite spectacular when all the colours are mixed and nobody would even think about the cost.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery – Getting Them There.

Of course you can always deliver them yourself but this doesn’t have the same surprise quality as an unexpected knock on the door.  A bouquet of fresh flowers delivered on Mother’s Day is one of the nicest surprises she could have, especially if they are her favourite type/colour and she will really appreciate the effort you have gone to.  If you are delivering them yourself then make an effort with the overall presentation and place them in a spot where she will see them every day, surprise her by presenting them on the breakfast table as an arrangement before she gets up for a lovely surprise.  If you can’t be with your Mother on the day then make sure you use a reputable florist who can deliver your request with a smile.

So to be sure you get your flowers there on time talk to your florist in advance to make sure they can make the delivery on the specified date and the sort of bouquet you want. Remember you can of course always check with family or her friends as to what it is that your Mother likes if you are at all unsure and bear in mind it is possible to send an outstanding bouquet that is within your budget. Once all these factors are taken into account you can be sure that she will have a happy Mother’s Day.

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