Say Happy Birthday to Mom with These Floral Options

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Surprising mom with flowers for her birthday is something that should be done year after year. Not only are flowers the perfect way to make a loving statement, but they are also something that can be enjoyed through the senses. The fragrance and look of each blossom are bound to put a smile on your mother‘s face whenever she looks at them. If you are thinking about sending flowers for your mom’s next birthday, there are a myriad of types to consider. All are unique and fun in their own way. You are bound to find something that is going to be talked about for months to come.

In this article, you are going to learn:

  • What flowers to give to mom on her birthday
  • How to tend to these flowers if you decide to get your mom one for planting
  • What birth flowers are represented in each month

Flowers to Give to Mom on Her Birthday

A fresh bouquet can turn a typical day into a celebration. The color and beauty of each cut bloom can be appreciated by your mom every time she receives one. Here are some extraordinary recommendations to consider when you are sending flowers home.

Orchids—Orchids are flowers that can put a modern touch in any bouquet. If you have a mother who enjoys an unconventional look that creates a statement, then the orchid is the flower you are looking for. The plant comes in a variety of bold colors that include whites, pinks, purples, and reds. There are no two flowers that look alike. As a result, the bouquet you choose is going to have a beauty all to its own.

Orchids can also be received as a potted plant. The long and reaching stems look beautiful inside and outside of the home. All they need to grow is adequate watering and moderate lighting. If they can receive at least a couple of hours of sunshine a day, they are going to perform and bloom wonderfully for weeks to come. Take care not to overwater the orchid, as this leads to a quick death. The soil should be moist to the touch and well-drained. When taken care of correctly, orchids can give a bit of tropical flair that brightens up any home.

Tulips—Tulips are another great choice that says, “Happy Birthday, Mom.” You can find tulips of various colors, but the best hues to give to your parent are pink and white. Pink tulips symbolize love and affection, which is the ideal expression you want to show your mother on her special day. White tulips represent happiness and cheerfulness, which a mom shows to her children whenever possible.

In addition to a selection of colors, tulips also come in an array of varieties. There are French tulips, fringed tulips, and parrot tulips, just to name a few. Find a type that is going to speak to your mom. If you consider her style and tastes when choosing a flower, you can’t go wrong!

If you want to purchase tulips for planting for your mom, there are a few care tips you need to know. The plant blooms in early spring, so the bulbs should be in the ground by autumn. Once the first frost hits, it is too late to consider sowing them. Tulips like full sun and plenty hours of daylight. The afternoon sunlight is best and helps them grow to maximum potential. Take heed though, even though the flower enjoys sunshine, they don’t do particularly well in lots of heat.

Soil should be fertile, moist, and well-drained. An overabundance of water may kill the bulb before it sprouts. Shelter the flowers from strong winds, and plant each bloom a few inches apart.

Carnations—The carnation is probably one of the most well-known flowers that are given to moms all around the world. In addition to them being the perfect birthday gift, you can also include these flowers in Mother’s Day bouquets and any other occasion you want to express your love for your mom. The pink carnation is the ultimate birthday gift as it symbolizes a mother’s love. White carnations mean unconditional love or good luck. Both are excellent choices to make when you include them in your mom’s birthday bouquet.

Potted carnations need a few hours of full sunlight every day. They are also fickle to over-watering, so take care when you do. The flowers tend to yellow when dying, so once you spot one in this condition, quickly trim and remove the carnation to facilitate blooming. When a fresh flower is ready to be plucked, make sure you leave a few nodes at the base, and remove the stem. These flowers can last for weeks in your mother’s garden.

Peonies—The peony make a gorgeous birthday bouquet for mom. The ruffled flower comes in hues of pink, red, white, and purple. Depending on the color, the peony can represent honor, good luck, and happiness. The flower brings a touch of femininity and elegance to any arrangement, and they smell divine to boot.

The flower blooms from mid-spring through summer and brings with it a layer of beauty you never knew was needed in a garden bed. If your mom is a gardener, make this flower your top choice when sending her a birthday gift. The plants are perennials, so they come back every spring when taken care of. Some plants have known to live for over 100 years! The hardy flower has six species to choose from. Some of the names include Japanese, bomb, and anemone.

The fragrance of the peony depends on the type of flower chosen. Some have full scents that are similar to a rose, while others give off hardly any scent at all. Make sure you do some research to find what peony plant is going to work well for your mother. If she is sensitive to strong fragrances, there are lighter options to choose from that look just as beautiful.

Roses—The rose is a traditional and time-honored way to tell your mom that you love her. The classic look that a rose brings to a bouquet is a perfect element that any mother is going to love. Pink and white roses are the best colors to gift her. Pink roses represent love and appreciation, while white roses symbolize purity and thoughtfulness.

When in full bloom, a rose gives off an unforgettable and intoxicating fragrance that can fill a room in minutes. What is there not to love about a rose? Each petal and stem show that nature really is perfect.

Including roses in a garden is a nice way to add some dimension to a home. Caring for the flower is easy, even for the beginning gardener. The key to getting the most out of the plant is to pick a spot that has plenty of sun and adequate drainage. If you want showstopping blooms, fertilize your soil regularly to increase growth.

Roses should also be pruned when they are well established. Typically, this should happen during the spring. While pruning, keep an eye out for any plant diseases that could kill off the whole plant quickly. These diseases include any mildew or black spots. If your mom feeds these flowers often and waters accordingly, her garden is going to be the talk of the town!

Hydrangeas—Hydrangea plants are stunning. They symbolize gratitude and emotion, which most of us have felt for our moms. In bouquets, the hydrangea ranges in color. Pinks, blues, and lavenders can adorn a full arrangement and are sure to leave your mothers speechless. The distinct look they have adds a bit of fun to any type of bouquet.

These flowers are beautiful all on their own too. If you want to get your mom a gorgeous hydrangea plant to add to her garden, she can enjoy growing these flowers time and time again. They bloom in mid-spring and summer and is considered to be a shrub. The flower does grow quickly and can reach over 15 feet in some cases!

Hydrangeas should be planted in the fall or early spring. You want to avoid any planting during freezing temperatures while giving the plant ample time to establish its roots in the ground before blooming. The plants should be well watered and exposed to the morning sun. An ideal place to plant the shrub is near the home or a fence. These structures offer support and shields them from intense winds and sunlight.

Chrysanthemums—These flowers may be a mouthful to say, but they make up for the long name with their looks! Chrysanthemums are a wonderful addition to your mom’s birthday bouquet. They symbolize abundance and beauty and come in reds, yellows, purples, and other vibrant hues. This flower is lush and can be dazzling in any floral arrangement.

The look of the chrysanthemum is unique and memorable. What looks like hundreds of individualized petals are ray florets. When these florets grow in clusters, it gives a look that we see in gardens and bouquets everywhere.

Birth Flowers

Another method of gifting flowers includes using your mom’s birthday month to do so. Did you know that every month of the year has a corresponding flower to go with it? By centering a bouquet around your mother’s birth flower, you can incorporate a fun way to show how much you love her every year. Let’s look at each flower now.


The snowdrop and carnation flowers are the blooms for January. As stated earlier, the carnation is a traditional flower that expresses the love you have for your mother. It is a tried and true example of giving your mother a gift from your heart.

If you want to try something different for a January birthday, consider using a snowdrop flower. These incredible plants are a symbol of beauty and hope. Doesn’t that sum up how you feel about your mom nicely? These small plants have a white flower that hangs down from its stem, hence its name. When it’s in full bloom, the outer petals arch out and over the inner petals. It is an incredible plant to see up close.


February’s flowers include the violet and primrose. Violets are also a classic flower that represents loyalty and faithfulness. The colorful blues and purples it produces add a dramatic flair to your mom’s arrangement. The small burst of yellow or white that you can find in the center of the bloom is another surprising element that is sure to make your mom’s eyes light up with joy.

The primrose is a flower that is meant to be given to someone you just couldn’t bear to live without. This makes it an incredible bloom to send to your mom. The primrose is a delicate and colorful flower that can spice up a garden or bouquet instantly. Consider this flower when you are creating your bouquet.


Daffodils and jonquils are the flowers of March. Daffodils represent new beginnings and are best known for cheering up anyone who encounters them. The bright yellow color is what the flower is best known for, although you can also find them in white and orange. If you want to make your mother’s birthday a happy one, give her this flower if she was born in March.

The jonquil symbolizes friendship and bliss. For many of us who think of their mothers as a lifelong friend, this is an excellent representation of that sentiment. These flowers typically bloom in white or yellow and are a summery element to include in your next bouquet or gardening gift.


Daisies and sweet peas are the flowers that symbolize April the best. The daisy signifies a loyal love and pureness. If you are close to your mother, give her this plant. Daisies are sweet to look at and give off a gentle fragrance that is reminiscent of spring’s natural beauty.

Sweet peas are an equally delicate flower that is just as charming as their name. It is associated with gratitude and loveliness. The plant is an annual, so once it blooms, you need to appreciate its beauty before it’s gone. You can give your mom a lovely bouquet filled with this decadent bloom.


If your mom was born in May, then her birth flowers might be just the right plant to gift her. Lily of the valley and hawthorns are the two blooms that you can send. The lily of the valley is a sweet-smelling flower that has bell-shaped white flowers that hang from its stalk. The flower symbolizes a return to happiness, luck, or humility.

Hawthorns are a flower that knows how to pack a punch. In addition to its white speckled blossoms that bloom in the springtime, the plant also produces fruit that can be eaten in jams, syrups, and more! Hawthorns are great for decoration and can take a drab bouquet and make it shine. Your mom is going to love this one.


In June, roses and honeysuckle are the flowers in the spotlight. The rose represents love and friendship and is a popular choice when gifting floral arrangements. As stated earlier, you can’t go wrong with this bloom, no matter what color you choose.

The honeysuckle represents happiness and can be seen in many colors. The most widely recognized hues include orange, red, and white. These plants are hummingbird magnets and can grow up to 15 feet tall at its peak.


Larkspurs and water lilies are July’s birth flowers. For the moms who love larkspurs, they must love blue. Different shades of this pigment can be seen adorning cottage-style gardens and spring bouquets. It’s easy to fall in love with the long stalks that give off a pleasant fragrance.

Water lilies are an aquatic plant that flowers quickly. It is easily recognizable and can be seen in tropical and humid climates most often. When in full bloom, the flower is gorgeous and large. You can’t miss this plant or its strong fragrance.


Gladioluses and poppies are August’s flowers. Gladioluses symbolize strength in character, which is a great message to send to your mom. The spring perennial is known for its flowers that grow vertically. They come in all colors that include white, pink, purple, and yellow.

Poppies are cute flowers that symbolize imagination and wonder. The pops of color they produce are a great way to add character to your mom’s bouquet or garden. If your mom loves this flower, have fun with it, and incorporate different colors to add to her floral arrangement.


Asters and morning glories are the two flowers designated to September. The aster is a star-shaped flower that is a fun element to add to your bouquet for mom. They often bloom in late fall and are known for their vibrant qualities that sprout when contrasting fall colors come in.

Morning glories are vines that come to life as the sun comes up. When night falls, the blooms close again while they wait for daylight to go back around. The blues and purples of the morning glory are a welcome sight during those early morning hours. As your mom stares out her window as the sun rises, she is going to be met with a beautiful awakening in her garden.


October brings marigolds and cosmos into full view. The marigold is another classic flower that has its own distinct fragrance that can be smelled from afar. The yellow and orange blooms last for several months with a blooming season of spring through fall. These flowers fill you up with nostalgia and good feelings at first sight.

Cosmos are flowers that symbolize harmony and peace. It is a lovely flower to have in your home or garden. The blooms come in purples, yellows, and golds, to name a few. They stay in bloom for months and are an easy flower to tend to.


November’s flower includes the chrysanthemum, which was touched on before.  The flower of abundance grows full and in decadent colors. These perennials emerge in the springtime and grow quickly and easily.


The narcissus and holly are December’s flowers. The narcissus is the generic name for a daffodil plant and grows from bulbs. Including this flower in your mother’s birthday bouquet is an exceptional way to ring in her new birth year.

The holly is a flower that symbolizes protection. While they are known for their thick green leaves and red berries, they also produce flowers that bloom in late spring and early summer. The flowers are usually white and grow in tight clusters.

Saying happy birthday to your mom doesn’t have to be dull. Order a floral arrangement for her special day, and watch her glow. Any of the options mentioned here are sure to make her think of you for a long time.

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