Reasons for Growing Cosmos Flowers

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Cosmos are strikingly easy to grow when compared to other plants. They can stay in a state of bloom for months, which allows for a prolonged beautiful garden. Additionally, you need only scatter their seeds to start watching them grow.

Cosmos are characterized by their long and slender stems. These stems have the beautiful flowers atop them that create a magnificent wave of color. This is what gives the plants such an attractive look during the summer period.

Humans aren’t the only ones who are awestruck by the radiance of cosmos flowers. Various birds, bees, and butterflies also can’t resist the allure of the flowers.

In this article, you can expect to learn the following about the following reasons for growing these plants:

  • Attraction of various creatures
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Cost savings
  • Self-sowing
  • Incredible feature flowers
  • Edible flower option
  • Virtually no pest worries
  • Great cut flowers

Attraction of Various Creatures

As stated before, many creatures simply cannot resist the allure of cosmos plants. However, while humans gravitate towards them for their beauty, these creatures have a different story.

Cosmos plants are hubs for both pollen and nectar. In fact, these are easily accessible by numerous butterflies, bees, and birds.

The great thing about this scenario is that some of the natural pollinators also handle pest insects by eating them. Hoverflies, tachinid flies, lacewings, and parasitic wasps all love the cosmos plants. They eat harmful insects and provide free pollination.

Ease of Maintenance

These plants are not picky when it comes on to the conditions under which they are grown. In fact, cosmos plants can even thrive in dry and hot conditions where little water is available.

The funny thing is that they seem to thrive most when the soil is poor and has less organic matter. This contributes to better flowering. Of course, this encourages numerous leaves at blooms’ expense.

If your climate is one that is very difficult, cosmos may be the perfect plant for you. There are many areas in which they can be seen growing along the roadside. Here, there is no fertilizer, and there is full sun. They survive in that condition on purely dew and rain.

Cost Savings

One of the greatest things about cosmos is the fact that they can save you money as time passes. You just need to ensure that the variety you choose at the beginning have been open-pollinated.

While some of the hybrids are beautiful, they may not be reliable where seed conservation is concerned. These plants are more likely to be sterile. Alternatively, their hybrid nature may create a new generation with varied characteristics.

To ward of disease, these non-organic seeds are often sprayed at the source with fungicides. Unfortunately, that process is a two-edged sword, as these can contain harmful compounds. Additionally, any seedlings that are purchased from nurseries may contain neonicotinoids. These are harmful to the beneficial insects that were discussed above.

You can get seeds from organic cosmos every time blooms die. You can simply scatter them again for the next season.


You should always allow your cosmos plants to die naturally when the time comes. Once you do this, you can expect any dead flowers to fall to the soil.

As discussed before, it doesn’t take much for cosmos plants to exist in ideal conditions for them. Once these are right, the seeds self-germinate. This means that whatever time you would spend seed raising can be focused elsewhere.

Incredible Feature Flowers

Cosmos tend to give their owners great value. Apart from the savings that were mentioned above, their blooms are known to last for months on end. It is always recommended to plant them in groups for the greatest aesthetic effect. Doing so makes them a visually pleasing focal point.

Also, the groupings are likely to attract more bees and beneficial insects. This is because the bees are aware of the lower energy that is needed to get from flower to flower.

Edible Flower Options

This is yet another reason why you should always try to use organic seeds for your cosmos. It also means that chemicals should be avoided in caring for them.

Assuming you meet those conditions, you have more on your hands than just a set of great looking plants. What many people don’t know is that those beautiful petals can be eaten. Watch your salads stand out when you begin to implement them.

Virtually No Pest Worries

Pests are always causing problems for people who grow plants. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a flower that doesn’t have many pest problems. It is very likely that there are numerous pests that would like to have a go at them. The problem for those pests is that the natural pollinators of cosmos prey on them.

You can use this to your advantage for some of the other plants in your garden. You can sow your cosmos seeds amongst those of these other flowers. Nasturtiums and marigolds come to mind, as well as flowering herbs and vegetables.

This helps to regulate pests for the other plants in a similar manner to the cosmos.

Great Cut Flowers

If you re-cut the stems at proper intervals and keep the water fresh, cosmos can blow your mind. They can give you anywhere between seven and 10 days. Early morning cutting is recommended since moisture is at its peak then. Cutting at that point reduces the likelihood of wilting.

It’s best to choose blooms that have petals that are just unfolding. This allows the stem to open fully post-cutting.


Cosmos plants are some of the most resilient that you can get your hands on. They are beautiful and very low maintenance. This article focused on some of the beneficial reasons for planting them.

Cosmos attract many beneficial creatures for pollination and pest control. They are easy to grow and provide you with an endless seed supply, so you can save money. Self-sowing can be a part of their routine, and they make great feature plants. The flowers can be edible once they are chemical-free.

Feel free to use them as cut plants as they can last up to 10 days.

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