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Flowers are amazing! They are a mixture of warmth, affection, and love that it is so intense and tender, all at the same time. They are also an undeniable form of beauty and sweet feelings. With their very wide range of meanings, colors, and scents, they are the best tool to express your feelings and bring bright colors and beauty into your garden. Some of the most beautiful flowers are purple ones, and that is what we are going to present, today.

Purple is a gorgeous color created with a mixture of red and blue with a very complex meaning. Historically, it was the color of royalty because of its rare and expensive tincture. The purple color brings a distinguished natural side, with a feminine, but very light touch that is very enjoyable. Purple flowers can mean sweetness, humility, and modesty as much as generosity, but this color is also the symbol of jealousy and esotericism.

In this the article, the following points are going to be discussed.

What are the Health Benefits of Flowers?

Nature is full of secrets and wonders that never cease to inspire admiration in the minds of human beings. Among them, there are flowers, pure visual and olfactory pleasures, that are able to have a measurable impact on the mood. Recent researches are trying to quantify scientifically the effect on the receiver and the sender.

In prestigious universities such as Harvard, behavioral research was carried out to quantify the effect of flowers. They were able to demonstrate their ability to make people much happier, to strengthen their feelings of compassion, and to improve relationships between individuals. In addition, people who tend to offer flowers have a high level of emotional intelligence and are very caring and supportive persons.

Another study done in 2018 titled “The Impact of Flowers on Perceived Stress in Women” concluded that adding flowers to indoor environments results in a significant reduction in their level of stress.

What does a Purple Flower Mean?

A purple flower means generosity, humility, modesty, and sweetness.  It is also the symbol of jealousy and esotericism. There is a very wide variety of purple flowers, so it is easy to find the flower best suited to your needs and desires, whether you want a fragrant one or not.

The purple color expresses discretion, depth, and sometimes pain, too. This variant of the seventh color of the rainbow is a door open to help to calm anxiety and focus on the essential parts of life.

When you offer purple flowers in your bouquet, you can celebrate a discreet, wise, and restful love. It is also the color of dreams and of mysticism. It symbolizes the balance between heaven and earth, life and death, and is the color of the seventh chakra.

You can express your feelings by offering flowers of this sweet purple like Lilac, Carnation, Orchid, Periwinkle, and many others.

Some Examples of Purple Flowers

The Agapanthus is a small purple flower ranging in color from light blue to purple and blue. It is perfectly resistant to drought and lives preferably in mild climates, especially certain varieties such as Midnight Blue. The Allium is one of the purple spring flowers that appear in May. It is perfectly suited for borders, and they make very beautiful bouquets.

Freesia is a very decorative flower that is also purple. It flowers between April and May or July to September. This plant likes the sun or partial shade and in sandy soils, preferably.

Wisteria is a growing purple plant growing during the summer, too. It enjoys exposure to the sun, and it adapts to all types of soil. Its flowers are fragrant and the shrubs can climb up to 20 meters in height.

There is also the Lupine, which is available in a wide range of colors and indispensable in a group of perennials.

What are the Best Purple Flowers for Your Garden?

First, we can talk about Lavender. This rounded flowering tuft, which blooms in multiple terminal lavender blue spikes in summer, can line up rows of purple bounces and perfume the countryside. You can plant them in the garden near your terrace, deck, or patio: its strong odor will repel insects and its purple color can embellish your environment.

Second, here is the Lilac, a spring-flowering shrub that perfumes with the subtle scent of its pretty clusters of purple. Other colors exist for this flower but the most characteristic is this mauve so particular that it has given its name to the color. In the “language of flowers,” the purple lilac symbolizes the first emotions of love

Third, the rustic perennial Anemone offers a wide variety of aspects, but its flat-cut flowers have a simple and crazy charm at the same time. Spontaneous and colorful, the Anemone can treat pain and sorrow.

Flowers are this incredible creation of nature that can express whatever your heart hides as feelings of love and consideration. They can accompany you for all occasions, and embellish your garden. Let your purple flowers seduce the hearts of your friends and family with their amazing color and different scents.

Purple flowers can also express your feelings of generosity, sweetness, and modesty, but also jealousy. Never forget that a bouquet of flowers can offer pleasure and bring happiness even if you give it for no particular reason. You can join it with a special card or a gift; which would amplify its effect of pleasure and remind people who matter to you how much they are always in your mind.

Seduce your beloved ones by your sweet colored thoughts and your disguised feelings under one of the most beautiful images of nature, in your garden or in your bouquet.

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