Nature Is Full of Wonderful Dark Purple Flowers

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While the basic dyes and color pigments have been around for the last thousands of years for ornamental purposes, purple was a rarely found color until the end of the Middle Ages. After that, flowers bearing this rich blend of red and blue were highly prized and held great value in any culture. If you are planning to use flowers for marriage or make a perfect arrangement as a gift then purple flowers are your go-to option.

The purple flowers are offered in a wide variety of shades from dark purple to the lights purple shades. According to the light or dark color, it is more likely to express softness, delicacy, sadness, or even melancholy. The nuances of violet evoke a sense of spirituality and stimulate the imagination. Thus, it is perfect for a dream garden, and it represents sweetness as well as moderation.

If you would like to create an aesthetic flower design or you just want to convey a message, a dark purple flower is perfect.

In this article, we are going to talk about the following points:

* What Is the Meaning of a Lavender Purple Flower?
* What Is the Heliotrope Purple Flower?
* Violet-pink Flower.
* How to Plant the Purple Wisteria Flower?

What Is the Meaning of a Lavender Purple Flower?

Being a curved tuft that blooms in terminal spikes of purplish-blue color during the summer, Lavandula or lavender is characteristic of the place where it is planted. Their little flowers are lined in rows of purplish color. You can plant it in the garden next to your terrace: their strong scent keeps insects away and their lovely purple color, which takes its full name from the flower, can only make your surroundings more attractive. Lavandin is less fragrant than true lavender, for which there is no substitute, despite the presence of the butterfly lavender and the Canary Islands lavender.

You can smell a candle of lavender to calm you down, which is why experts in the Victorian language of flowers considered it a symbol of calm and self-respect. Purple flowers are the perfect way to inspire peace of mind, regardless of whether you are treating yourself to a bouquet of fresh or seasoned sprigs for making tea or baking.

What Is the Heliotrope Purple Flower?

The earliest dictionary description of heliotrope is the following: “a member of the Boraginaceae group, with white, purple or violet blossoms that are highly aromatic”, which faces the sun with its blossoms.

The term “Heliotrope” is derived from both the Greek word “helios” meaning “sun” and “tropos” that could be translated as “tower” in referring to an early belief that the foliage follows the path of the sun.

In the scented garden, the heliotrope is royal! Grown on your terrace or planted strategically on the grounds, it can enchant you with its magnificent purple flowers, giving off soft fragrances throughout the warm summer season.

The standard variety called Heliotropium arborescens can grow up to 1.20m in height and has numerous hybrids that are much smaller and have flowers with a broader color palette, from white to crimson and all the nuances of blue. These flowers are highly valued in gardens for their deliciously fragrant bouquets.

Violet Rose Flower

In nature, some roses have a light or dark purple color, with few pink shades. These colored roses are often used for celebrating a couple’s 25th anniversary of marriage. Lighter and more naturalistic varieties of the purple rose represent peace and the fulfillment of your dream.

Roses with purple color are very scarce. It incarnates softness that goes hand in hand with timidity, pain and exaggerated feelings that one attempts to disguise behind a pale smile. It is somehow between two universes, suggestive as if they are coming out of an 18th-century book to express a secret unacknowledged love. This violet flower has a strong scent and tells stories of the countryside houses where you can find it.

How to Plant the Purple Wisteria Flower?

As woody climbing vine, coming straight from Japan, the wisteria purple flower is a well-known example of strength. Its winter hardiness can resist down to -20°C, which is a good reason to have it in your garden. Its beautiful clusters of scented flowers and its heavy foliage make it a beautiful flower to add in your collection. Its leaves are deciduous, can grow up to 20 to 40cm in length, and are divided into about 15 light green leaves.

In May and June, this decorative plant adorns the wall with a splendid display of purple or whitish hanging flowers in purple or white bunches. As it grows, hairy kidney bean-shaped seedpods up to 10 to 15 cm long can develop and contains seeds. Be careful because wisteria is one of those rare plants in which all parts are toxic: leaves, flowers, and seeds.

One of the most famous references for this flower is Wisteria Lane. It is a street where the Desperate Housewives live on the famed television show. Even Hollywood honors this amazing plant!

A purple dark flower can mean tenderness, bounty as well as moderation and humility, but this flower is also highly valued as a symbol of jealousy and social esotericism. Thus, you should choose wisely your plant.

More than 170 purple dark flowers exist and the most famous are only 70. You may find the purple dark flower that suits your needs and desires, whether you want a fragrant one or not to put it in the ground or a pot.

To enhance your knowledge, here is an interesting fact: if you ever wonder where a taste of saffron comes from in your dishes, this unusual yellow seasoning comes from the crocus, a dark purple flower. As it is among the first blooms to come forth during spring, it represents the rebirth and revival of the ashes of failure. You can put some dark purple flowers in your garden for a little inspiration after a colorless, long, sad winter.

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