Different Kinds of Purple Flower Names to Put Into Your Garden

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There are so many kinds of purple flowers! Usually flowers that show off this color have a unique and mesmerizing appearance. So, if you are looking for specific kinds of flowers to add your garden, then here are some purple flower names that will help you start the process.

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* Wintertime purple flowers

Purple Flowers That Bloom in the Spring

Springtime is one of the best times of the year for flowers. Here are purple flowers that bloom in the spring and will surely catch your eye among all the other blossoming flowers.

Lilac- Originating from Europe and Asia, these purple beauties grow in big groups of flowers. They are well known for their signature fragrance and are very popular during Easter- which makes them the perfect spring flower!

Fuchsia- Although named after a bright pink color, the fuchsia flower is also commonly found with purple petals. They are also found with pink petals that fade into a dark purple color. With an exotic appearance, these flowers look great in hanging baskets during the spring.

Geranium- Geraniums are gorgeous shrubs of flowers that have delicate purple petals. While purple is one of their most common colors, there are geraniums of many different colors. These flowers will add a unique look to your garden with their soft and wavy petals that hold lots of color.

Bellflower- These star-shaped flowers offer a lot of bright purple color in the spring. The bellflowers’ hue ranges between a soft lavender color to a rich violet. With their pretty shape, these perennials present lots of cheerful color that look great in any garden.

Verbena- This specie of flower has a very unique shape. Their dainty little flowers rest on top of long extended stems which all sit together in small little groups. The purple color is a light lavender that almost looks white in the sunlight. But as you keep looking at their captivating appearance, you will see that verbena flowers offer bursts of color.

Summertime Purple Flowers

In the summer, many of the spring blooms stick around for a little bit longer. However, the summertime blossoms begin to take over. The following are some purple flowers for those bright summer days.

Lavender- Very popular for their fragrance, these summer flowers have a vertical shape that radiates purple. Obviously, based on their name, they are lavender in color and have a very textured blossom. You should consider these for a sweet-smelling garden.

Gladiolus- Like lavender, gladiolus flowers are very vertical in their shape. Their star-shaped flowers all stack on top of each other along the tall stem. Gladiolus have many different colors, but purple is one of the more common ones. They come from the iris family of flowers and will bring a bright and summery look to your garden.

Morning glory- Morning glories are beautiful round shaped flowers. Their color, which is a mix of blue and purple, displays a unique and cheerful presence in the garden. They uphold their name well as their glorious beauty is loved by many.

Petunia- These flowers exude summer. They are one of the most common summertime flowers today and are often seen in gardens and hanging baskets all over. They offer many different colors, but purple is one of the most well-loved. For petunias, their color transitions from a very dark purple in the center to a lavender on the end of the petals. Consider petunias for your next garden addition.

Zinnia- These geometric beauties will mesmerize any of its viewers with their arrangement of petals. Their short petals are layered and form a circular flower. There are many colors to choose from, but purple zinnias are very pretty in their own respect.

Purple Flowers for Autumn

While the temperature transitions from the hot summer months and into the brisk fall, the summer flowers will fade. But, fall flowers will begin to appear with all their beauty. Here are some purple flowers for the cool fall months.

Coneflower- Coneflowers are a mix between pink and purple. But this mix creates a gorgeous and bright color that stands out on those chilly fall days. Their long petals droop from the circular center. Overall, these flowers, found only in North America, are great additions to your garden.

Pansy- Pansies are cute little fall flowers with many colors. Purple is one of the most commonly found pansy colors. Their design is interesting because they offer two colors on their petals. Many purple pansies have a little bit of yellow in their center, creating lots of color for the autumn.

Cosmos- These are small flowers with delicate petals and various shades of purple and pink. Their center is yellow, so you can count on these flowers to bring lots of color and lots of cheer to your garden.

Aster- There are various types of asters that grow in the fall. Their petals exude bright purple and can highlight your flowerbed. As with many of the flowers mentioned on this list of fall flowers, asters have a yellow center that contrasts beautifully with their hypnotic shade of purple.

Wintertime Purple Flowers

When the brisk fall days become frozen, winter flowers begin to pop out from the cold. The following are some beautiful purple flowers for the winter.

Crocus- Crocus flowers are unique blooms that look like they belong in the spring. While they can blossom in the springtime, the height of the blooming period occurs in the winter. Their rich purple petals extend gracefully from the center and create a bright wintertime look.

Cyclamen- These perennial flowers are unique in their shape. Their thick petals spring upward in little clusters. They come in various shades of purple, light pink, and red. You can plant a few, or you can plant a lot in order to show off a winter garden full of color. You can make the gray winter days a lot brighter with your purple flowers!

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