August Birth Flowers You Can Add to Your Garden

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Since ancient times, many cultures around the world have associated flowers with emotions and feelings. What could be more elegant and subtle than a flower to send your message? Each lunar month is therefore associated with a flower. For example, the rose represents June.

There is a flower for every occasion. From birthdays to Christmas parties, bouquets can be an ideal gift for your loved ones. Flowers also represent a wide range of different colors and can symbolize many feelings. Each month has its flower. As a result, it has become trendy for choosing birthday bouquets.

Several lunar months are associated with two or three different flowers – depending on the culture and the country. Today, the two August birth flowers are the gladiolus and the poppy.

In this article, we are going to learn more about august birth flowers including the following information:

  • Description of the poppy
  • Poppy symbolism
  • About the gladiolus
  • Flowering
  • Gladiolus symbolism
  • Gladiolus facts
  • Botanical characteristics of the gladiolus

Description of the Poppy

The august birth flowers are the poppy and the gladiolus. Many poppies belong to the genus Papaver, and they can be biennials or perennials. Most of them bloom in spring or summer, depending on their species.

The cup-shaped flowers have a satiny texture and come in a good range of colors. The capsule remains after flowering and is often harvested to make a dried flower.

According to many florists, poppy is one of the most popular wildflowers developed across the United States. Poppies also grow in various other colors, such as orange, yellow, white, purple, and pink.

Poppy Symbolism

The poppy is a symbol related to the Greek god of sleep, Morpheus. The god Morpheus lived in his world that of dreams and fantasy, sometimes far from reality. He was born at night. His mother is Nix, the goddess of the night and the dark and his father Hypnos, governor of sleep.

In Chinese culture, this flower represents rest, beauty, and success. However, poppies also represent the pleasure and beauty that comes from living a pragmatic life.

As far as the Christian religion is concerned, poppies represent death as a period of tranquility and eternal sleeping. This metaphor is understandable due to the red color of the flower petals representing the blood of Christ on the cross. In terms of resurrection and immortality (the salvation of the soul), this flower never dies, it only renews and rises.

About the Gladiolus

As for the gladiolus, the flower cultivates as a summer flowering plant. In some regions with a very mild climate, the bulb must be wintered indoors as to preserve it.  Each bulb produces seven to nine linear leaves and a spike densely covered with tubular flowers, and they are available in a wide range of colors.

The gladiolus is an excellent cut flower to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary. The botanical name comes from the narrow harbor of the flower. Its old name was xiphium deriving from the Greek word xiphos, meaning sword. Later, the flower name became gladiolus from the Latin gladius, which also means sword.


The gladiolus blooms a long stem that measures between 50 cm and 1 m. Its beautiful flowers open gradually from the bottom and form a long flowering whorl. It creates an impressive background in flower beds and also grows in the greenhouses. Once grown, you can cut it for flower arrangements. Its grass-like foliage resembles a sword blade and has given it its reputation.

Colors range from vibrant orange to red, blue, pink, or pastel yellow, as well as many spectacular two-tone flowers.

The gladiolus is both the scientific and common name of these flowers. Moreover, it is well known for its sword-shaped leaves. The spire is supposed to pierce the person’s heart with love.

Gladiolus Symbolism

The gladiolus was considered the gladiator’s flower. This beauty is associated with swords. This majestic flower is used in flower arrangements for special celebrations and is seen a lot in countryside gardens.

It is said to be old-fashioned because American pioneers often planted it at the bottom of their garden to create a beautiful background in their flowerbeds. They were also often planted along the fences or the house foundations because the tall stems must be supported to stay straight.

The gladiolus symbolizes the strength of character, victory, and pride. This significance dates back to Roman times when gladiators fought in the arena for death.

The flower used to specify, by the number of chalices, the time for a love invitation.

Gladiolus Facts

 The gladiolus genus includes 260 species with 10,000 registered cultivars that take their colors from the rainbow. The individual flowers are one color or two-color and come in the whole range of pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, white, and even green.

Most gladioli came from Africa and Asia and were only discovered in Europe between 1739 and 1745 when travelers introduced them in the trade route from India. European botanists and amateurs then began to grow and cross these flowers. In 1806, William Herbert produced the first hybrid, which was followed by hundreds of others between 1840 and 1850.

Some believe that the lilies mentioned in the Bible are, in fact, wild gladioli, which grew in the region.

Botanical Characteristics of the Gladiolus

The English used the powdered root of Mediterranean gladiolus to make a poultice for wounds. The powdered corms were also mixed with goat milk to cure baby colic, but beware! In case the corms are damaged, the roots can be toxic and may cause a skin irritation.

Modern African herbalists have delivered gladiolus as a powerful medicine to use to help cure colds, flu, dysentery, diarrhea, and constipation. They also use this flower to boost energy.  A species of gladiolus (Gladiolus dalenii) is used as food in the Congo.

The gladiolus message can vary but never go unnoticed. This daring beauty takes your breath away with its striking and vibrant colors. Whether you choose a flower arrangement with gladioli or the poppy, you can’t regret it. There is a color for almost any occasion if you want to impress your love.

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