Five Spectacular Spring Flower Arrangements To Welcome the Season

Fresh Spring flower collage

Spring is here! Now is the time to enjoy some of the most magical spring flower arrangements that nature has to offer. To welcome this beautiful time of rebirth and reblooming properly we’ve decided to celebrate by sharing our five favourite bouquets from our spring collection with you.

Full of colour, positivity and optimism, these are the ideal bouquets to celebrate spring in all its forms. Let’s find out which made our top five.

White Lisianthus and Pink Carnations

pink carnation and white lisianthus bouquet on breakfast table

Our Bahamas bouquet may be inspired by the sunrise of the Caribbean but it remains a great option for any spring celebrations anywhere in the world at this time of year. With the balance of bright pinks of the carnations and the soft white tones of the lisianthus, it bursts with energy combined with a sense of tranquility.

Pink Roses and Lilies

pink roses and lilies in glass vase

Roses and lilies are one of the classic combinations that inspire love and joy all year round. However, our Subtle Freshness arrangement is perhaps one of our favourite spring bouquets overall. The striking pink colour of these expressive lilies and the softer pink of the roses come together to create a slightly contrasting floral design.

Pink Lilies and Anastasias

pink lilies and anastasia pink

Spring and lilies are a fine match. We’ve taken this a step further by pairing these outstanding pink lilies with pink anastasias. We also added some purple allium for good measure. This exotic bouquet, that we’ve nicknamed Ginger, is a lively and happy arrangement that is perfect to wish someone congratulations, or just to create a unique surprise for a loved one over Easter.

20 Multicoloured Tulips

mixed tulip bouquet in glass vase

Our spring collection wouldn’t be complete without some tulips, which we simply call Spring Delight. We already chose this bouquet as our favourite in March, but we didn’t want to leave it rooted in just one month. These colored tulips transmit the beautiful essence of spring and should be enjoyed during the entirety of the season.

White Carnations and Pink Anastasias and Carnations

chrysanthemum and anastasia pink bouquet in glass vase

Another one of our beautiful arrangements boasting mixed color palettes. Once again we have another pink and white combination, although this is one of our busier designs we call: Serendipity (which was also our bouquet of the month in January). chrysanthemums and calla lilies bring the shining white colour and the anastasia and carnations adding a joyful splash of pink.

We love spring because its a time of variety and colour, and flowers naturally. What are your favourite spring flowers? Let us know in the comments.

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