7 Reasons Why Carnations Are The Perfect Choice For Your Bouquet

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Carnations are one of the best known flowers worldwide. Almost everyone knows what a carnation is but not everyone knows the amazing properties that make this flower a hit across the globe.

We believe the hype behind these famous flowers however, which is why we’ve found 7 reasons why carnations are the perfect choice for your bouquet.

1. Carnations come in many weird and wonderful colours

Carnations come in a whole range of spectacular natural colours, including:

  • Red
  • White
  • Orang
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Purple

Of course, variegated (or mixed colour) carnations also occur naturally, allowing you to enjoy a combination of colours from these versatile flowers.

However, using a little florist magic it’s even possible to have carnations in almost any colour imaginable. Using dye absorption, dip dying or spray painting, green, blue or black carnations are perfectly possible additions to a bouquet.

2. They’re a favourite flower of fashion

You’ll probably recognise carnations from their use in fashion, especially when it comes to men’s wedding attire. In the past stylish gentlemen would wear a floral boutonniere almost daily and a carnation was an ideal choice due to its hardiness and longevity, however now it’s normally reserved just for special formal occasions. If you want to add to your style with carnations, it’s also super easy to make your own boutonniere yourself at home.

carnation boutonniere

3. They’re full of significance

Aside from being the national flower of Spain, Monaco and Colombia, there are many meanings when it comes to carnation flowers. Broadly speaking they have a strong symbolic connection with love, distinction and divine grace, with their scientific name Dianthus caryophyllus meaning heavenly flower. Colour is often key, with different coloured carnations having different uses and meanings. White for example is closely associated with Mother’s Day and green blooms are often created for St Patrick’s Day.

4. They’re strong flowers with lots of volume

Carnations, because of their voluminous and bouffant like shape are very good at adding bulk to a bouquet, naturally this makes them ideal to pair with flowers which lack the same natural ‘bounciness’ and volume. They’re also strong sturdy flowers which don’t wilt easily and are very much survivalists in the flower world, as we’ll see in our next reason…

Pink Carnations

5. They last and last


Carnations are masters of longevity in the cut flower world. As we saw before they can withstand quite arduous conditions, being able to survive as boutonniere decorations without much nourishment. They are also among the longest lived flowers when presented in a vase being able to stay fresh for up to three weeks with the right care and attention.

6. They go well with so many different flowers

The great thing about these flowers is you can enjoy them on their own in a bouquet of a single or multiple colours. Alternatively, you can enjoy them with lilies, roses, chrysanthemums and even sunflowers.

floraqueen white lisianthus and pink carnations

7. They have a truly unique scent (and taste)

Cloves come from these flowers, which is why they have an almost spicy scent which is often used in perfumes. Not only that, if you’re really hungry you can even eat the flowers themselves. They are often used to decorate cakes, after all, who can blame chefs for wanting to adorn their creations with these spectacular looking blooms.

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