Be smart: how to save when sending international flowers!

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You have a loved one living abroad, their birthday arrives and you want to send them your best wishes, thankfully FloraQueen are here to help you send international flowers. But are you using our service wisely? We care about our loyal customers like you and want to help you to get the most out of our service and save by following a few simple steps. Do you want to save money when sending your international flowers? Be smart and read on!


Would you buy fruit when it’s out of season and much more expensive? Probably not and the same rule applies with flowers! When sending international flowers it’s important to send flowers that are in season in the destination country. These will always be the cheapest as they haven’t needed to be imported and they are in plentiful supply. For example, when sending flowers to Europe in the spring, a tulip bouquet is the best option as you will be able to get the most flowers for your money. If you’re looking at sending chrysantheums then you are in luck, they grow all year round! If you want more information on which flowers grow in which season, we would really recommend taking a look at this guide.

international flowers tulips

buy in advance

You know what they say about the early bird catching the worm and all that. Well, you know your loved one’s birthday or the date of Mother’s Day a long time in advance of the the special day, right? So, there is no need to wait until a couple of days before until you order the flowers. Be smart and order your international flowers a couple of weeks in advance and you will save on the cost of urgent delivery. Giving you yet another way to save when sending international flowers!

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send a combo

Are you sending flowers for a special occasion where you really want to go the extra mile? Do you want to send luxurious items on top of your flowers such as champagne and jewellery? Well you can do this directly by sending them a combo. Instead of buying these all seperately from different sites, you can buy them all with us. Create a special memory and what is more, save your hard earned money!

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If you follow these steps, we are sure that you will be able to save when sending international flowers and enjoy our service to the max.