Send flowers to France: 7 things you probably never knew about Paris

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Of course you know that Paris is also known as the City of Love. So, If you have loved ones in Paris it’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself in the position of wanting to ensure they feel the love and send flowers to France. These special people are lucky to have such loving family and friends but they are equally lucky to live in such an amazing city. Do you want to discover some cool facts about the City of Love? Look no further, you’re in the right place.

the eiffel tower

send flowers to france eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most emblematic locations in this wonderful city. However, there are a few things about it which very few people know. For example, did you know that it was originally going to be built in Barcelona? However, after they rejected it, it was built in Paris for the 1889 exposition. Additionally, in the summer the tower actually grows by 18cm due to the heat! Lets hope that everything is secured tightly, you wouldn’t want to be at the top if it came falling down!

not 1, not 2, but 3 statues of liberty

send flowers to france statue of liberty

When you think of the Statue of Liberty you only think of Statten Island in New York, right? Well you should think again, in Paris there are actually 3 statues! One on the Isle of the Swans, one in the Luxembourg Gardens and the final one in the “Musée des Arts et Métiers”. These statues were gifts from the USA to mark the friendship between the countries.

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the size of the louvre

send flowers to france the louvre

The Louvre is almost without doubt the most famous art gallery in the world. Inside there are so many beautiful paintings from throughout the ages, however some would argue that the most impressive part is the building itself. The glass pyramid is a sight to behold! Did you know that the building is an exact replica in shape and size of the Keops pyramid in Egypt? Pretty cool right!

they have an market which is bigger than a country 

send flowers to france market

The Rungis market is the largest in Europe, which is so big it is actually bigger than the country (well, principality) of Monaco to the south of France! This market sells around 1,700,000 tonnes of food per year. To put that in perspective that is the weight of about 680,000 giraffes!

Parisians are a very studious bunch

send flowers to france library

There are more libraries in Paris than in any other city in the world. 833 to be exact!

they are not alone

send flowers to france paris usa

Paris in France is not the only Paris in existance. There are actually 37 other Paris’ across the world from Sweden, to the States, to Panama!

they love pets more than their children

send flowers to france dogs

While this may not be strictly true, it is true that in Paris there are more dogs than children, with more than 300,000 dogs in the city! Showing the Parisian’s love for man’s best friend. Parisians actually spent half a million euros on animal grooming and care last year!

they love it when you send flowers to France

send flowers to paris bouquet

The French love flowers. Just take a look at our previous blog post and you will see why they love it so much when you send flowers to France.

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Which of these facts has surprised you the most? Do you feel like you’ve got to know the City of Love that little bit better? Next time you see your loved ones in Paris why not test them on these? Maybe you now know Paris better than them! 


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