The message behind your international flower delivery

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Sending an international flower delivery is a way for you to show your loved ones their importance to you. However, do you know the message behind the flowers that you lovingly send them? Of course, sending flowers is an act of kindness that will be appreciated by the recipient no matter what. However, were you aware that each flower has a different meaning? Meaning that flowers appropriate for some occasions may not be for others! We will talk you through the messages behind some of our best selling flowers so that the next time you send flowers, you will be able to choose exactly the right bouquet for the occasion. 

The message behind your international flower delivery

Of course, when sending an international flower delivery the aim is to show your loved ones that they are in your thoughts. Whilst any choice will show this, if you want to really wow them, then sending flowers with a special meaning will really do the trick.


The flower which we probably all learned about first when growing up was the red rose, which of course as we all know is the number one flower of love. Sending red roses really shows the special place the recipient has in your heart. However, are you aware that the number of red roses sent can change the significance of the bouquet?

Traditionally 12 red roses is considered the right number to send to your partner, as this means “I’ll love you forever”. Whereas if you are looking to send an international flower delivery to congratulate a loved one on acheiving something special, then 25 is considered the magic number. However, be careful to not to send 15, because even though you may think it’s super romantic to send this many, it actually means “I’m sorry”. So you may think that your international flower delivery is a loving gesture, when in fact they may think that you’ve done something wrong and get mad! So we advise you play it safe and stick to 12 or 25. Happy to be of service!  

international flower delivery roses


If these differing meanings of differing numbers of roses is confusing then you can be sure to always get it right with a bouquet of tulips. Did you know that tulips were more expensive than gold during the Middle Ages? When you consider their beauty and simplicity you can see why this was the case, you needn’t add anything to a bouquet of tulips!

As with roses, red tulips are considered to be the most romantic. A bouquet of red tulips is guaranteed to show the deep love and affection that you feel for them. However, other tulip bouquets can also send the right message to family members or dear friends. For example a pink tulip bouquet sends the message of good wishes whilst yellow tulips symbolise happiness.

international flower delivery tulips


When sending a bouquet of lilies you are sending the flower of maternity. Making them great flowers to send to expecting mothers or any mother for that matter! If your mum is in another country then an international flower delivery of a bouquet of lilies couldn’t be more perfect. It will send her the message that although she may be far away you are always thinking of her and what could be more beautiful than that?

international flower delivery lilies


Peonies are a great flower to send simply because they are beautiful. Their lush, full and rounded bloom is hard to match! However, they are believed to send the recipient good luck, which given that your loved one is abroad is a lovely message to send. When they are abroad you can’t be there to wish them luck yourself in each one of their challenges. So an international flower delivery of peonies will let them know that you are them with them in spirit in every little thing they do.

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Being abroad and separated from loved ones can be tough and every now and then we need a little cheering up. For this reason when sending an international flower delivery, sending a gerbera bouquet is a great choice. Why is this? Well, because the message that gerberas are said to send is simply cheerfulness. Lets be honest, who couldn’t be cheered by their happy colours? So if your loved one is going through a tough time and you aren’t able to cheer them up in person, gerberas will help them get through! 

international flower delivery gerberas

After having read this we hope you are more familiar with the meanings behind our most popular bouquets. Which bouquet do you think you are going to send to your loved one next time? Let us know! 

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