Five Lovely Flowers for Delivery

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Having flowers delivered to those we care for is wrapped in so much symbolism and is a form of art in many cultures. The language of flowers has spread out through the internet, informing people of the deep meanings and cultural heritage that many of these beautiful plants have accumulated over the years, sometimes millennia of existence among us.  Nature is abounding with so many different varieties of flowers it can be hard to figure out which one is the right choice when looking to have some flowers delivered to friends and family. Do you choose the mysterious azalea or the prolific orchid? Is the rose the right choice, or should you choose the golden chrysanthemum? We explore some of the most popular species of flowers on the market and what sets them apart from the myriad of other flowers out there. Hop on in to discover their beauty and magic.  Continue to find out:  * Hibiscus Flowers * Azaleas * Chrysanthemums * Orchids * Roses

Hibiscus Flowers

The hibiscus flower is one of natures most gorgeous creations. With a vast swath of colors ranging from deep reds to vivid purples, the hibiscus somehow manages to incorporate multiple colors into itself, creating stunning color patterns that may leave you staring for hours. Part of the mallow family, the hibiscus can be found in most parts of the world. There are annual and perennial varieties. It plays a role in many eastern traditions, being the flower of Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. In Hawaii, women wear the hibiscus flower behind the ear to signify their marital status. It is used in cuisine as well, although it is most famous throughout the world as a herbal tea, being sold in most stores. The perfect gift for a partner who loves flowers, and also some fresh tea.


A smaller variety of flowers compared to others, the azalea is nonetheless a lovely flower and a wonderful gift. It has tiny, delicate petals that cluster together, giving it a beautiful, fluffy look. Part of the Ericaceae family, these flowers are perennial in nature, and one of the most widely cultivated flowers in history. Interestingly, in ancient times this flower was given to specific bees to feed on as it is highly toxic, creating an infused honey that had hallucinogenic effects, usually leading to death. There are accounts of it even being used to defeat a whole army in Roman times. In parts of Korea, Hong Kong, and also the united states, there are a multitude of festivals celebrating the blossoming of the azalea flower. It has a wide range of colors and can be a great addition to any household. Just don’t eat it.


Native to Asia and parts of Europe, the chrysanthemums name stems from the Greek word meaning golden flower. It is a perfect name, as it is a bright flower that does seem to glow golden in the sunlight. Most of the cultivars resemble daisies in that they have a poofy, pompom like exterior. It is commonly used in teas in parts of Asia. In Japan, they have famously cultivated a variety of chrysanthemum bonsai tree, which is breathtaking to see. The chrysanthemum is thought to symbolize adversity in many eastern cultures and can make a perfect gift for those going through difficult times, such as grieving over the loss of a loved one.


Part of the Orchidaceae family, this family of flowering plants, is native to many parts of the world. Alongside their cousins Asteraceae, the orchid is one of natures most prolific species of plant, with nearly 30,000 different varieties. Yes, you read that number right. The orchid family is huge and keeps on growing as humans cultivate more and more varieties. It is thought to be one of the most ancient plant species still living today. What really sets orchids apart from other flowers is that one of the most commercially successful ingredients stems from one of their cultivars. If you guessed Vanilla, then you are right. Vanilla beans are used throughout the world to flavor everything from ice cream to baked goods and are quite popular in aromatherapy as well.


With their large, leathery petals and diverse range of colors, lilies are another beautiful flower to have delivered to friends and loved ones. A perennial species, the lily flower, is famous in many cultures’ lore and mythology. In Christian tradition, the lily is associated with purity and has become a symbol of the virgin Mary. In some Asian traditions, the lily flower is used in funerals as a way to purify the deceased one’s spirit and send them off into the afterlife happily.


Of course, no list of flowers is truly complete without the inclusion of the lovely rose. The rose has captivated the hearts and minds of musicians, poets, and lovers around the world for centuries with its subtle beauty. Its vivid, blood-red exterior has become the symbol of passion, romance, and is the perfect gift to deliver to a lover. The rose is mainly native to Asia, although some varieties can be found in Europe, North America, and Africa. Rose hips are actually quite popular in cuisine, being used in jams, marmalades, and even soups. They are brewed in teas, mainly for their vitamin C content. In the middle east and some areas of Asia, rose water is used in many of their sweets.

Thousands of Flowers

With so much cultivation happening over the centuries, and nature herself continually surprising us with new varieties, there are always thousands more flowers to discover. When looking at which flowers to have delivered to your friends and loved ones, you may never run out of options. Let your creativity soar and get yourself a bunch of different varieties, mixing and matching to create wonderful new bouquet ideas and surprising your partner or friends with your thoughtfulness.

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