White Roses Delivery

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White roses are a very delicate type of rose flower. Bright, shiny, and beautiful, they have been used, over the course of many years, to pass across peace, unity, and purity. The white roses are the second most popular type of roses, if not the most popular of flowers in general. You might be interested in sending some to your friends and family to share the feeling that comes with the tranquility, love, and unity that the flowers carry. How do you get white roses delivered to your friends and family? It’s surprisingly simple; keep reading this article to find out:

  • Why you should send white roses
  • Where you can send white roses
  • How to get white roses delivered to your friends and family
  • White rose bouquets… and a lot more.

Why Should You Send White Roses?

White roses are an integral part of any occasion. They can be used for decorative purposes like placing them by the window or on office tables to serve as a reminder of the cheerfulness and warm-heartedness witnessed on a special day.

Going back in time, white roses were sent from one kingdom to another to symbolize peace and unity. And over the years, they’ve been used to represent something similar; lovers send it to one another to express their love, and they are used to bid a deceased farewell. Given this, the magnitude of white roses cannot be overemphasized; you can send a bouquet of white roses to your loved ones to celebrate special occasions like birthday, Easter, Christmas, weddings, etc. It is rightly the most thoughtful way to send your wishes to your loved ones and to show just how special they are.

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Where and When Can You Send White Roses?

Without a doubt, white roses can brighten up any event and make it unique and memorable. They bring with them an aura of light to illuminate your heart with true happiness and love. When or where can you send white roses? You can send them to the following events and occasions:

Birthdays: what better way is there to bless a close friend’s or family’s birthday! White roses bring purity to the new age, hence ushering in a new dawn for the celebrant. Send them to show your love and support on that special one’s birthday.

Weddings: white flowers serve a big part in weddings, let alone white roses with their alluring fragrance and intricate symbols. White is an essential color in weddings, so the white roses can blend well with the proceedings of the wedding and be a part of what makes it bright and magical.

Christmas: Christmas is one festival you always want to have happy memories of. To attain this, send your friends and family a bouquet of white roses to share the love and happiness of the season. Sending white roses during Christmas would symbolize the purity that comes with the month.

Funerals: losing a loved one can be detrimental to the welfare of someone you hold dear. Sending them white rose flowers can give them the tranquility that they need very much at the time. Also, you can send white roses, along with some greenery, to the funeral of a deceased in order to pay your last respect to them.

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From Valentine’s Day to Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, and anniversaries, white roses are so much loved and cherished worldwide that you can send them to celebrate several other occasions.

How to Get White Roses Delivered to Your Loved Ones

Sending white roses just in time to celebrate special occasions with your friends and family has been made easy with FloraQueen. With just a few procedures and a few clicks, your flowers are set on their way to your recipient or to your intended event.

To get started, pick a bouquet of white roses from FloraQueen’s collection and select your delivery date, as well as country or city of delivery. Once you’re done with those, make a selection from the various options provided: select your bouquet size, add some gifts to go along with the bouquet of white roses, and personalize your floral arrangement with a special message. You can now proceed with providing your recipient’s information and making the necessary payment to complete your order.

How Do the White Roses Get Delivered?

FloraQueen can deliver your bouquet of white roses with two methods, which are the standard and special delivery options.

To understand how this all works, note that when you choose the standard delivery, FloraQueen’s professional florists make arrangements for your white rose flowers. Once this is done, the flowers are sent in a special box to whichever country your recipient is in and, of course, with their roots submerged in water all through the long journey. Once they arrive at your recipient’s country, the postal service of the country delivers the box of flowers to them.

Orders for white roses that use the special delivery option are processed by FloraQueen’s partner-florists in your recipient’s city and delivered to your recipient’s home or event location by a delivery man.

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Best Bouquets of White Roses on FloraQueen

White roses are pieced together with decorative greenery and other types of flowers. To get the best bouquet of white roses, search for the following on FloraQueen’s collection:

  1. Touch of Class— a classical combination of 12 white roses, which you can use to celebrate a wedding or send it to a funeral
  2. Natural Poetry— sing the praises of your partner with this wonderful pair of lilies and white roses
  3. Diamonds and Hearts— a couple of white roses and red roses. With this, bless the new union of the newest couple in town
  4. Innocent Love— with this lovely mixture of white lilies and white roses, send your heart wishes with every shred of innocence to a birthday celebrant.

What City or Country Can You Deliver Flowers to?

With FloraQueen, you can send a bouquet of white roses to well over 100 countries across the world. You can send white roses to virtually every country in Europe and some countries in North America, Asia, South America, and Oceania. You can, as well, check the list of destination countries to see if your country or that of your recipient is covered for white roses delivery.


White roses are a household flower anybody would love to have, and with FloraQueen, you can have them delivered to your friends and family quickly and easily. Place an order today and see the smile beam from the faces of your loved ones.