Best Ways to Send Happy Birthday Wishes

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Birthdays are some of the most special things in life for those who celebrate them. Each is a celebration of a milestone, which is making it through another year. No matter who you are, the chances are that you have several uphill battles each year. Each birthday you celebrate just proves that you’re still standing, despite what they may be.

It’s not just a personal thing, though, as friends and family come together to make birthdays memorable. Do you have people who are special to you? Do you want to know the best ways to express your happy birthday wishes? Well, you’re in the right place, as this article covers some of the best ones, which are:

  • Sentimental gifts
  • Flowers
  • Expressed desires
  • Debt closure
  • Spa treatment
  • Musical gifts
  • Road trips
  • Homemade pastry treats
  • Photo compilations
  • Cards
  • Pets
  • Dinners
  • Awards

Now it’s time to dive into the good stuff!

Sentimental Gifts

 The first stop on this journey of happy birthday wishes is sentimental gifts. The thing about these is that they can look quite boring to people on the outside. However, that should never be a factor for consideration. The most important thing is the meaning that it has to the intended gift recipient. This is where the concept of sentiment comes into it.

There are things that mean the world to some people, while they mean nothing to others. Your job with a sentimental gift is to get something that means a great deal to the recipient. One of the best things about your birthday is knowing that there are people around you who care for you.

For example, imagine that a friend of yours had a boring old necklace with a sapphire in it. Now imagine that it was a gift from your friend’s now-deceased mother. If it were lost or stolen, gifting the friend a replica would be a great thing to do. This is the concept of sending sentimental happy birthday wishes with gifts.


 Giving people flowers is an appropriate thing to do for just about any occasion. This is because there are so many different things that you can communicate by doing so. Of course, this means that you need to use the appropriate flowers in every context.

Since this is about sending happy birthday wishes, the flowers you use need to be special. Now, there are a few ways you could go about this.

First, if the person has a favorite flower, then you could opt to get whatever that may be. It shows that you care about the person enough to get something that is favored.

Second, you could get flowers that are indicative of the relationship you have. For example, your lover could get a red rose, while your mom could get daises. The former says, “I love you” romantically, while the latter says so in a different light.

Finally, you could just choose from flowers that are commonly given to people for birthdays. Some of the most common ones are roses, orchids, and lilies.

Expressed Desires

 Going this route is a real indicator of how much you care for someone. Generic birthday gifts are a dime a dozen, but can you put a price on genuine compassion? Appealing to a desire requires you to know that the desire exists.

This is a show of how much you listen to someone and how much you want to provide happiness. Many people tend to express things that make them sad and uncomfortable to friends and family. This could be something the person is lacking or something that the person wishes was different.

One of the best ways to send happy birthday wishes is to grant that desire. For example, imagine you have a friend who walks four miles to work daily. She sometimes expresses how painful it is. While listening to her, you can tell a bicycle would make her life easier. You could get her a bicycle for her birthday.

You can also let her know that she never has to experience that pain again. It shows her that you listen and that you’re a supporter of her happiness and comfort.

Debt Closure

 This is another one that requires some level of listening or observation on your part. Of course, not everyone is willing to be open about such personal problems. Sometimes they are, but in other cases, you may have to use your intuition to tell.

You should plan your approach with this very carefully, as you want the recipient to be grateful. There are many people who have issues with debt. It could be car payments, mortgage payments, or even student loans.

Many of them work very hard to pay them off, but they could use an extra hand. Of course, they may never ask. So, what you could do is put together some cash or a cheque to help clear something up.

If you can, try to get others to chip in too. Your gift recipient may feel a bit embarrassed, but the gratitude should outweigh that. This is another way to send happy birthday wishes, and it demonstrates great care. Of course, it’s a bit unconventional, but just remember what your objective is through it all.

Spa Treatments

 How many people are there who don’t enjoy being pampered and feeling relaxed? If those people exist, the chances are that there aren’t many of them. Therefore, you can opt to send your happy birthday wishes with a spa treatment.

This is something that could really help someone you care about to unwind. Going this route is even better if you know that the person doesn’t have many such experiences. People always enjoy doing things that go beyond the usual routine.

Depending on the kind of relationship you have with the person, there are two ways that you can go about this.

The first option can be used for anyone. You’d need to provide your gift recipient with a gift certificate or take the person to the spa. Once there, a professional spa treatment can be enjoyed with all the bells and whistles.

The second option is to bring the spa to the person. In this case, you could buy the ingredients and do the spa treatment yourself. This is best suited to persons you have an intimate relationship with. You may not be a professional; however, caring enough to do that says a lot!

Musical Gifts

 What can be said about music that hasn’t already been expressed? It’s an old art form that touches people in a way that is hard to articulate. This is the reason that musical gifts are some of the best for a birthday.

However, music is a very subjective area where receptiveness is concerned. One person can be head over heels for a genre, while another hates the same one. Giving proper musical gifts requires knowledge of the recipient’s tastes.

Once you know that, then you can decide how you plan to go about it. Music can be delivered in several ways, so some consideration is due.

For example, the person’s favorite artist may be doing a concert. The chance to see such an event live would have more of an impact than getting an album. Be that as it may, it’s hard to go wrong with an album you know the person really wants.

Feel free to get as creative with this as you want to. Is there an album that serves as an inside joke for you and the person? If so, that’s another option you could explore.

Road Trips

 This is, hands down, one of the best ways to spend any special day. However, for it to go off without an issue, you need to plan well. While the destination is very important, don’t forget that there’s a journey that precedes it.

It’s best if you plan the trip with multiple persons. Leave the birthday person out of the planning phase if you want to make it a surprise. Choose a destination that makes for an enjoyable time, and plan for an exciting journey.

Choose a couple of fun stops, and don’t forget about the food! Once all the elements are in place, you can expect the special person to have a great time. Don’t be surprised when it comes up in conversations for years after too!

Not all happy birthday wishes must be given with something that is tangible. Sometimes the gift of a fun experience is all that is needed. Knowing that people value you enough to give you such an experience says a great deal.

Homemade Pastry Treats

 Whenever people are sending happy birthday wishes, they tend to buy things that are made by professionals. It’s easy to think that your gift isn’t that great because it’s not professionally made.

However, the fact that you made it may mean more than you think. Do you have a friend who likes chocolate chip cookies? Why not make some instead of buying them? If you’ve never made them before, this is a great time to learn. It makes for an even funnier experience if they come out with weird shapes.

Feel free to check online if you need some inspiration, but there are many different pastries that you can try your hand at. Not everyone has a strong sweet tooth, but a few pastries never hurt.

Note that these work best as supplementary gifts. They do make an impressive statement, but they are best used to complement other gifts that you may have gotten. Happy baking!

Photo Compilations

 It is said that a picture tells 1000 words. So, how many happy birthday wishes can you send using pictures? While you may only be doing this for one birthday, there is a lot that you can say and achieve with the right combination of pictures.

The first thing you must do is try to imagine the feeling that you intend to evoke. Once you do that, then the pictures that you use need to work towards that objective.

For example, imagine you want to do a photo compilation for your lover. In that case, you may want the person to remember that you are always around. What you could do is use pictures that contain you both in chronological order.

Once you’ve chosen the pictures, you simply need to decide how you want to present them. You could get a custom-made picture frame and make physical photos. You could also make a video slideshow with personalized narration. Whatever you choose, just ensure that the message is getting across.


 This is one of the most common ways to send happy birthday wishes. For that reason, many people view cards as being unoriginal. Some people even think cards are an indication of a lack of thought and creativity.

There are cases in which those statements are true. However, if you really care for someone, your cards are almost guaranteed to stand out. To achieve this, the best idea is for you to make your own cards.

You can use ready-made cards if you wish, but the effect may be a bit different. Get all the materials you need to make the card. Feel free to make multiple cards if your creativity is overflowing.

Once you have your materials, allow everything that’s in your heart to come out. This could be in text, images, or random stuff that you glue to the card. Ensure that the recipient can see your personality and your care.

Cards can also be given as a supplemental group gift. Everyone in the group should be given a chance to express their unique brand of love on it.


 The level of joy that a pet can bring to a person’s life is unbelievable. Giving someone a pet for a gift can be a great idea. However, you need to consider a few things before you go for it.

First, you must consider the person. Allergens can be a big problem, so you need to know if your intended recipient has any. It is also important to consider the person’s mental state and space. Remember, you want the person’s life to be improved in the long term.

Next, you need to consider the pet. Pets don’t fend for themselves, but they still have needs. Some animals have exercise requirements, while others need special facilities. You don’t want to condemn an animal to a life that turns out to be uncomfortable.

Once you are confident that the pet and the person are a good match, then go for it. Once you have, your gift recipient now has a new source of love and joy. Guess which wonderful person is responsible for that.


 Many people say that you can’t go wrong with food. It’s hard to argue with the fact that this is one of the best ways to send Happy Birthday Wishes. Food is a necessity, so people need to have it.

Over time, people get an appreciation for the foods that they like, and they also become acquainted with those they prefer not to encounter.

For a special birthday dinner, you can make the experience about the food or the restaurant. Use your intuition based on who the special person is.

If the experience is to be based on the food, then try to find out the person’s favorite food. Once you do, then decide how it will be prepared and served. You can go on a birthday dinner outing to a restaurant, or have it prepared at home.

You can only use a restaurant as the focal point if the person is dying to go to one. Maybe there’s a fine-dining spot that the person has never been to. Maybe the person has always wanted to go there. You could easily grant that wish.


 You may be thinking that this is a weird thing to see on the list. How do you award someone for being born, right? Well, these awards don’t need to be sanctioned by any official organizations.

In fact, they may not have much significance outside the context of your relationship with the person. You need to start by imagining what this person means to you. By doing so, you focus on why you’re thankful to have the person in your life.

This is what helps you to determine what goes on the award. Once you do that, all you need to do is find a company that makes trophies and other awards.

The idea is to have an award made that references your gift recipient by name. The reason for the award should also be clearly visible. That reason is an indication of what the person means to you.

For example, imagine you have a close friend named Joanna, who has always been there for you. You could select an amazing trophy design. The engraving could then say, “Greatest Friend in the Galaxy.” Of course, you’d put Joanna’s full name there as well.

That way, she could have it as a reminder of the way you feel about her. It’s also likely that she would put it somewhere that makes it visible to everyone.


 Sending happy birthday wishes is a common thing to do when someone you care about is having a birthday. Each birthday only comes once in a lifetime, so it’s important to make the memories count when they come around.

While you can say nice things, actions speak with a much louder volume. Therefore, the things you do for a birthday say a lot about how much you care.

Not everyone is sure how to send their well-wishes, though. Sometimes you just need a little help and inspiration to ensure that you make the right decision.

That is the reason that this article covered 13 different ways for you to send your happy birthday wishes.

Some of these are tangible, such as cards, pastries, awards, flowers, photos, dinners, pets, musical gifts, and sentimental gifts.

Others are intangible, such as spa treatments, debt closure, granting expressed desires, and planning road trips.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep the person at the center of it all. The process becomes almost natural when you want to make someone you care for happy.

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