Finding the Words on What to Write in a Birthday Card

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Looking for the perfect words to say on that special someone’s birthday? It can be hard to find words that say “Happy Birthday,” but that isn’t Happy Birthday. Whether it’s a birthday card for your mom, dad, sister, or partner, we share sweet messages that are sure to make a birthday even more special. Sometimes our work or something happens, and we can’t be there to celebrate with friends and family. However, we can still participate in the festivities through flowers and cards.

In this article, we share birthday message ideas for:

* For her

* For him

* Birthday flower recommendations

Birthday Messages for Her

Whether it is the birthday of your mom, sister, or maybe your partner, here are some creative birthday messages that are sure to make her birthday a special one. Here are some examples of birthday message for the lucky lady in your life.

Birthday message for your mom:

  * Mom, you have always been there for me, I want to wish you the best birthday and more to come.

* Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman who raised the most amazing kid.

* You are the greatest mom ever, who always gives me what I want. Thanks mom!

  Birthday message for a spouse:

* Thank you for loving me during my good times and bad. I want to wish you the best birthday ever because you deserve it.

* Happy Birthday to the only woman who has filled my every dream and wish.

* Every day and every year is better with you, Happy Birthday, my love.

  * To the most amazing woman who has made my world a little bit brighter, Happy Birthday.

Birthday message for a sister:

* To my younger, not so better-looking sister, Happy Birthday!

* Happy Birthday to the best sister ever, thanks for always having a closet full of stuff for me to wear!

Birthday Messages for Him

Are you looking to find the words to write in a birthday card for that special guy? It can be hard to know what to write in a birthday card, but here are the words to help add that special touch to your birthday gift.

Birthday message for a dad:

* Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world.

* Happy Birthday to a man who taught me how to ride my bike and take my first step, you are the best dad ever.

* Another year older, wiser, and funnier, happy birthday to my dad, who still thinks dad jokes are the best.

Birthday message for a spouse:

* Happy Birthday to the best husband, father, and life partner.

* You have given me joy, love, and happiness. I am nothing without you. Happy Birthday my love.

* Wishing you the best Birthday, a day filled with celebration and beers and burgers.

Birthday message for a brother:

* Not everyone is as lucky as you to have a little sister/brother like me, but you are welcome. Happy Birthday, brother!

* We may not always see eye-to-eye on things, but I wouldn’t have asked for a better brother. Happy Birthday!

Regardless of who the card is for, sometimes the best part of a present is the card and the personal message inside.

Birthday Flower Recommendations

If there is one gift that is not only timeless but always well received, it is a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers.

Looking for some inspirations, here are popular flowers that are sure to be a great birthday gift.

* Lilies – The lily is a common flower that is often associated with happiness and joy; therefore, it seems only fitting that giving a bouquet of lilies would be well received.

  * Orchids – Exotic and elegant, the orchid makes for a great birthday arrangement, whether it is given on its own or as part of a larger bouquet.

* Roses – While roses are commonly associated with love and Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you can’t surprise that special someone in your life with birthday roses. With different colors to pick from, a rose for a birthday is a grand gesture.

* Carnations – Why not send the rainbow with a bouquet of multi-colored carnations? These flowers are a great as part of a nice arrangement, or on its own.

When sending flowers, you should consider how you want them delivered. For example, if you are in the same city, you can bring them over yourself. In this case, you can pick various wrappings and ribbons to decorate your bouquet. However, you are going to be sending the flowers because you are out of town, you can still give your flowers that personal touch.


FloraQueen is one example of an international floral delivery company that gives options to its clients. Some options include having a pre-made floral arrangement or ones that you can pick yourself. Not only do you have the opportunity of being your own florist, but you also can select how you want your flowers wrapped. From a vase to a decorated paper – just because you are placing an order online doesn’t mean you have to be limited in options.

Not only do you have the ability to select how you want to wrap your flowers, but you can also choose to have an add-on. From a card, a box of chocolate, a bottle of wine, or a stuffed animal. Having the ability to enhance your floral arrangement is one benefit that can sometimes compensate when you aren’t able to make the birthday celebrations in person.

Remember that just because you aren’t in the same city, or that you can’t be there to celebrate with friends and family, you can still send your birthday regards. Which sometimes means more to the recipient than you may realize. It isn’t about what you give or how much you spend, but rather, it is about the act, the gesture. That small act or personally written card can sometimes mean so much more than any wrapped present.

  The next time you have a birthday coming up, don’t stress and remember that a card and flower is sure to go a long way!

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