What to Write in a Birthday Card

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Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday! Whether it is your birthday, your spouse, your parent, or maybe your child, birthdays are just a special day.

Looking to throw in a birthday card with your present but don’t know what to write?

We share insight on what to write in a birthday card based on whose birthday it is. From lighthearted and sentimental to generic and everyday well-wishers, please don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged when it comes to writing in a birthday card.

Below, you are going to learn how to:

How to Pick the Perfect Birthday Card?

We can thank Hallmark for the multitude of options to pick from when it comes to birthday cards. It does make sense that there is an array to choose from as birthday cards can be personal and intimate, but they can also be very generic. When it comes to picking the perfect birthday card, consider the following:

Who Is It For?

You would not pick the same birthday card to give your spouse or partner as you would a colleague. It is essential to consider who the birthday recipient is, as then you can slowly narrow down the possible options available. A birthday card that you give a spouse or partner is more likely to be personal, sentimental, and a representation of your feelings for them. Thanks to the card market, you can find pretty much any card to say what and how you feel.

Many of the prepopulated messages in the birthday cards to spouses are very romantic and heartfelt, that what you add afterward is simply the icing on the cake.

Are you not giving a birthday card to a spouse or partner but maybe a colleague, friend, or family member? The type of card you pick can be as personal and unique to the person as you would like it to be. Share an inside joke with that special someone? Maybe they are celebrating a birthday milestone such as 50 years old? Whomever it is you want to buy a birthday card for, always consider the relationship you have with them and what emotion you want to evoke.


Just as not all birthday cards are designed the same, birthday cards can vary in the price range. Some cards can go for as little as a dollar, while other birthday cards can cost as much as $10, if not more!

How much are you willing to spend? Is the birthday card for a colleague or maybe an acquaintance? Or perhaps the birthday card is for someone special and close to you? Whatever your budget, consider the relationship you have with the person when picking a birthday card.

Birthday Card Genre

Romance, comedy, or sentimental, pick a card that suits not just the recipient but the relationship between you and the person. Are you a joker and have a sense of humor? Maybe go with a birthday card that is cleaver and can highlight your funny side. Sentimental or perhaps nostalgic? Go with a card that might feature a quote or scripture that supports your romantic and more emotional side.

There are many genres of birthday cards to pick from – there are even just general birthday cards available too!

What to Write in a Birthday Card

Now that you have picked the type of birthday card to send, now comes the somewhat fun part, the message. Many cards today come with a prewritten message; however, everyone who receives a card likes it when the sender adds a personal touch.

Not sure what else to write that isn’t repeating the words “Happy Birthday?”

Here are some possible messages to write on the next birthday card you send:

Adding to Your Birthday Card 

Looking to up the ante on your birthday card?

Some gift ideas that would go well with your next birthday card include:

  • Their favorite flower
  • A box of chocolates
  • Stuffed animal
  • Book
  • Poem

These small and personal touches can turn any ordinary birthday card into something extraordinary and more special. When it comes to birthday cards, the sender should not feel overwhelmed or feel obligated to have to add a gift to their card – the receiver is sure to be happy with just a card if that is all one can afford.

Not sure how to decide what to give for a birthday gift?

Some ideas of birthday gifts to give based on the recipient include:

Spouse or partner – Flowers, a box of chocolates, or wine.

Friend – Book, CD, or gift card

More than a Birthday Card

Birthdays come once a year, and for some, it can be a hard reality to accept. No one likes to age or grow older; however, even the grumpiest of grumpy enjoy and appreciate receiving birthday cards. A birthday card, when properly selected, can mean so much to the receiver. A blank card with the words, “Happy Birthday” can show you haven’t forgotten their birthday. Remember that it does not matter how much you spend on a card, what you give with it, or if the birthday card is a digital e-card. Whatever approach you choose to wish someone a happy birthday, know that they appreciate it with all their heart.

Whether it is a birthday card you made or one you picked up at the local pharmacy, remember that what matters is the thought and the kind and sincere words you choose to personalize the cards with. Don’t fall victim to the commercial gimmicks or expectation that you have to add a dozen red roses to your birthday card – a card that is well thought out can speak wonders.

Remember, the next birthday card you have to write and sign, do so with words from the heart.

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