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Are you running out of time to celebrate special occasions with your loved ones? Because of time, are you worried that you may not get the chance to specifically say “Happy Birthday” or “Happy New Year” to that special someone on time? Don’t worry; FloraQueen has got you covered. At the 11th hour when you need to send flowers to celebrate your friends and family, we are at your beck and call.

By reading this article, you can learn:

  • Why you should make same-day flower deliveries
  • How to get your flowers delivered the same day
  • About using FloraQueen’s calendar and special
  • Occasions for Same-day flower deliveries

Why Should You Make Same-day Flower Deliveries?

 Life can get hectic and unpredictable at times. You can get so engrossed in the daily activities of life to the extent of forgetting that it’s the special day of a loved one. This can happen so quickly that you may run out of time to present flowers and gifts to celebrate your loved one; when this is the case, you certainly need an international florist who can quickly make arrangements for a flower bouquet and gifts and get them delivered to your loved ones just in time to celebrate them on special occasions.

Your loved ones would understand that despite your busy schedule and the distance between you, you were still able to get flowers and gifts across to them in order to make them feel special, which is just the perfect way to go about keeping a relationship and strengthening it.

Flowers have a distinctive language with which you can communicate with your loved ones and send your wishes; they’d be excited and grateful.

How to Get Flowers Delivered to Your Loved Ones the Same Day

 With FloraQueen, sending flowers internationally to your friends and family the very day of a special occasion is not a herculean task. We have a network of professional florists scattered across various cities around the world; they can quickly piece together flower bouquets and other gifts needed to celebrate your loved ones in a relatively short period of time and get them delivered to your intended recipient’s house, office, or event.

The following is a guide on how to place an order for same-day deliveries on FloraQueen:

  • After selecting your preferred bouquet on FloraQueen, click the “Continue” button to proceed with your order placement
  • Select your recipients’ country from the list of destination countries
  • Pick the delivery date; that is, the day you want your flowers delivered. The date should be colored in orange
  • Select any of the classic, premium, or deluxe bouquets to set the size at which your bouquet comes
  • Add some gifts or add-ons to supplement your flowers; you can add chocolate boxes, plush toys, greetings cards, mugs, and bottles of wine
  • Type a message as it comes from your heart or simply select one from our pre-set messages to personalize your flowers
  • Proceed to the second step of your order and type in your recipient’s city, address, and telephone number
  • After all necessary information has been provided, make payment afterward to complete your order.

Things You Must Do When Placing an Order for Same-day Flower Deliveries on FloraQueen

 Certainly, nobody likes the idea of requesting same-day deliveries only to be disappointed with the flowers arriving days later. So as not to experience this, these are the things you must do to make the entire process of making same-day flower deliveries hassle-free and quick:

  1. Place the order before the cut-off time: FloraQueen can be quite overwhelmed with a torrent of same-day orders. To make your flowers delivered on time, you must place your order before 09:00 AM on Saturdays and before 12:00 PM from Monday to Friday. Time zones differ from country to country, so ensure that you place your order using the time zone of your destination country.
  2. Use the special request box: You can make a special request for precision on how, when, and where you want your flowers delivered. This is very important especially if your flowers are to be delivered at a wedding event, a hospital, a military base, or at a funeral. It can help our florists and couriers to adjust their services to suit your needs. You can find the special request option right after you’ve filled your recipient’s information. Toggle it on for the textbox to appear.
  3. Check the calendar very well: On the calendar from which you pick your delivery date, you can see that the dates are dotted black and orange. The dates in orange are the ones you can select for same-day deliveries. The alignment of dates on the calendar differs depending on the chosen destination country.
  4. Read the disclaimer on your purchase details: You might get notified that some florists might not be available to make your same-day deliveries on the selected date and that the deliveries can be made the next available day. Do not panic; this is just to avoid any misconception because certain issues that are beyond FloraQueen’s control can arise in the destination city.

Occasions for Same-day Deliveries

 Be it a birthday, wedding, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, FloraQueen can deliver your flower arrangements packaged in FloraQueen-designed box directly to your friends and family. We can deliver to:


With a wide variety of flower bouquets and gifts to choose from, FloraQueen offers you the best way to celebrate your friends and family at the last minute of their memorable occasions. Interestingly, FloraQueen’s same-day deliveries are available in countless cities across Europe, Asia, South America, Oceania, and North America. Waste no time and place an order right away.

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