How to Make a Gift Basket

Christmas gift basket full of food and wine

There’s no better luxury present than a thoughtful gift basket at this time of year. Filled with luxury treats and beautifully presented it’s a surprise that gives an extra touch of class and kindness. What you may not know is that it’s something you can very easily create yourself. You might wonder what goes into making one of these flamboyant surprises. We’re going to share a few of the “insider tricks” so you can try your hand at making your own and as you’ll soon see the only limit is your own imagination.

Step 1: Choose your Theme

Gift basket crafting tools

Everything starts with an idea and a gift basket is no different. The great thing about this type of present is you can theme it however you want, all you need to do is think of something that your recipient will love. Do they like tasty cured and cut meat? Then make a gourmet basket filled with ham, salami, pate and so forth. Or if you think they’d like a selection of beer and wine then prepare them a special craft beer or cocktail basket. It doesn’t have to just be food and drink. Cosmetic gift baskets and Spa gift baskets full of self care items are very popular ideas too.

Step 2: Choose your Container

Selection of wicker baskets

It wouldn’t be a gift basket without the basket of course. Now it doesn’t matter if it’s a wicker basket or a wooden tray, the important thing is that it’s durable and can fit all the goodies you want to fill it with.

Step 3: Choose your Filling

Shop window full of sweets and chocolate in Italy

You could start this step as soon as you decide on your theme. At this stage you select and purchase the filling of the basket. Be sure to choose good quality produce that you know your loved one likes (and ideally things that will survive the delivery well). If you like going the extra mile, try making or canning your own treats for your friends and relatives.

Step 4: Layer the Bottom of Your Container

gift basket full of shredded paper

This step is important to ensure that your gifts won’t move around too much in transit and to provide a soft cushioning effect for any breakable items. This also has the added benefit of making the filling look more bountiful.

Step 5: Choose your Wrapping

cellophane wrapped gift baskets

Cellophane or craft paper is the traditional wrapping choice but what you choose totally depends on your choice of theme. Just make sure it looks good and fits your gift arrangement. Also consider if you want to wrap each individual present. This can add a nice touch of extra surprise to a Christmas basket.

Step 6: Carefully Arrange the Contents

Basket of treats on table

We’re nearly there now, and your basket will start taking shape as it gets filled with all the goodies you’ve chosen. When filling the basket with the items be sure to arrange them so that the heaviest components are at the bottom. You don’t want anything to get squashed after all. Try to layer the items so that the arrangement looks as stylish as possible, with the tallest items in the centre and the smaller ones scattered around it. Also remember to take care to secure any breakable items that could be damaged on the way.

Step 7: Add the Final Touches

Multicoloured bows and ribbons

Now is the time to wrap everything up. After finishing arranging the items of the basket, you now need to make sure that the whole thing will stay sealed and together. If you want you can also add ribbons to tie everything up or adorn your arrangement with themed toppers like small toys, tinsel or cut shapes.

Step 8: Delivery

After all the previous steps the only thing left to do is to get the basket to your loved one. Whether you deliver it yourself or you send it with a delivery company, you can be sure that your care and effort will be appreciated.


And that’s all it takes to make a gift basket your friends and relatives will be overjoyed to receive! As you can see, with a good theme and a few carefully arranged items you yourself can put together a wonderful tailor-made gift for your loved ones.

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