Cooking with flowers

cooking with flowers


When you see a beautiful bouquet of flowers its probably not your first thought to eat them, but there are actually multiple types of flowers that are regularly used in cooking. Although there is not a lot of proof to support it, it is believed that humans have been eating flowers for centuries. Dating back to the hunters and gathers who most likely ate flowers along with other vegetation they found. Evidence of flower eating is primarily seen with these specific flowers: roses, saffron crocuses, chrysanthemums and a handful of others.

Roses have a long history in the culinary world, rose petals were often eaten as a garnish and as candy. Rosewater, the distilled essence of rose flowers, was used as a flavoring and medicinal element in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia and South Asia. Chrysanthemums also have a long history as food. The plant was grown as early as the 15th century BCE in China and the plant is still enjoyed today as tea and as a green vegetable.

There are many other flowers that are edible as well, they include:

Nasturtiums,pansies, violets and Johnny-jump-ups, dandelions, marigolds and calendula (aka “pot marigold”) locust-tree blossoms, banana flowers, zucchini and other squash blossoms, scented geraniums, common day lilies (note: other types of lilies may be toxic) lilacs, hibiscus, and herb flower.

Cooking with flowers

Of course there are many recipes and many ways that you can cook with flowers! We are going to show you two easy recipes to add flowers to your dishes and brighten up your food!


These easy sandwiches are quick to make but yummy to eat! They are ideal for your next party.


1 baguette, sliced into 1-inch thick pieces

1/2 cucumber, sliced thinly

3/4 cup goat’s cheese, room temperature

1 cup watercress

10 edible flowers of your choice (orchids, pansies, chrysanthemum petals, etc)

Salt and pepper


1. Spread the goat’s cheese on each of the baguette slices. Arrange a few cucumber slices on each. Top with watercress and edible flower. Season with salt and pepper.

2. Serve as soon as possible and enjoy!


This salad is easy to make and you can easily change the ingredients to fit your personal tastes and style.


Spinach and baby greens (Or lettuce of your choice)

10 Cherry tomatoes sliced in half

1 small cucumber thinly sliced

1 avocado diced

6 strawberries sliced

5 mushrooms sliced

Edible flowers of your choice

Dressing of your choice


1. Prepare and cut all of your vegetables

2. Combine vegetables in a bowl

3. Dress with your favorite dressing

4. Scatter with flowers or petals of your choosing (Be sure to add flowers after dressing the salad to ensure their freshness)

You can use whichever kind of greens you prefer, water cress, spinach, romaine… And you can add whatever vegetables you like as well.

When you have assembled all of your ingredients toss the salad in your preferred dressing, we chose a sweet strawberry vinaigrette.

Then add your flowers or petals to the salad for a vibrant and flavorful touch.

ooking with flowers There are so many easy and creative ways that you can add flowers to your dishes, so next time you are out in garden admiring your beautiful blooms why not think about saving a few for your next meal!



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