Get to Know About the Amazing Tulip Colors from Nature

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Tulips belong to the Liliaceae family, a large family of plants with bulbs. The tulip species includes about 100 different plants distributed around the world, from Western Asia to Central Asia and North Africa. Thousands of cultivars and hybrids also represent this genus.

Gardeners greatly appreciate tulips because they are so easy to grow: planted in the autumn, they bring color and diversity in the spring. They grow in pots, troughs, and bedding. Keep in mind that knowing their cycle, their development, and their requirements help to prevent disappointment in the growing process.

Tulips are a great gift idea, but there are numerous tulip varieties in many colors. Discover the meanings of the different tulip colors before you offer a bouquet of them by reading this article and the following points:

* What Is the Meaning of the Tulip Flower?
* What Is the Meaning of the Red Tulip?
* When to Offer a White or Pink Tulip?
* Get to Know the Yellow Tulip.
* What Makes the Violet Tulip Special?

What Is the Meaning of the Tulip Flower?

Although the name tulip is brief and direct, it has a long and complicated history. In common usage, tulip etymologists believe it is derived from the Farsi word for Turban, “delband.” Yet this is more of a poor translation than a true connection, as Persian citizens liked to carry tulips in their turbans. The writings of the Ottoman Empire on this topic were translated into Turkish, Latin, and French to reach the name we know and use nowadays.

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It is perhaps not the most eye-catching flower in the garden; however, the elegance and grace of a tulip have turned the flower into a symbol for various concepts including infinite and passionate love, regardless of whether the passion is denied or shared. Tulips are a symbol of royalty and kingly nature.

Tulips are commonly offered on the 11th wedding anniversary. They are also perfect for expressing family love, abundance, wealth, and indulgence.

What Is the Meaning of the Red Tulip?

The red tulip is very similar to a red rose, as it also shows sincere and powerful love. It enables a declaration of romance where eroticism and fire are blended together. All of these combine with both sensuality and enjoyment. Therefore, putting this red flower beneath a woman’s pillow signifies that you want to enjoy a night of love and sensuality with her.

Red tulips, despite their significance similar to roses of the same color, are by far more unique and flashier. Their appearance fills every space. By now, you know: if you wish to tell her how much you love her or if you are fed up and need her to understand your emotions, then present her some red tulips and let the love fills the air.

When to Offer a White or Pink Tulip?

The white tulip can be considered as a synonym for genuine and dreamlike love. It can help you to reveal the purest of your emotions. This lovely flower is suitable for all kinds of occasions and can always please your loved ones. Therefore, the white tulip shows sincere love and can be given to a loved one at any time.

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In contrast, the pink tulip shows a budding love. It is a very romantic and unique way to express love or to highlight an anniversary or an emotional moment. Historically, the pink flower is the emblem of the conquest of romance. You can describe it as a romantic floral picture of affection and charm. The stronger the pink color, the greater is the sensuality suggested by the message. If you are recently in a new relationship, the pink tulip is perfect for conveying your appreciation and the birth of your love. Sweet and delicate, it is a beautiful expression of the harmlessness of your feelings.

Get to Know the Yellow Tulip

In the case of the yellow tulip, it indicates anxiety towards the person you love. It can also mean how restless you are about the duration of your love or how much you are worried about life in the absence of that love. It can also be a symbol of despair, or perhaps even fear of forbidden love.

The yellow tulip is the symbol of non-reciprocal love. Therefore, offering it to the desired person means that you fear that you are not loved in return. It expresses the desperation and the dread of impractical love.

Be careful while offering the yellow tulips, do not be fooled by their shiny color, and most importantly, do not confuse them with the yellow roses because their meaning and significations are very different.

What Makes the Violet Tulip Special?

Violet, as a color, stands for discretion, depth, and even suffering. The seventh color of the rainbow is a secretive, infinite doorway that calms fears and concentrates on the essence. Presented as a bouquet, it is a celebration of discreet, quiet, wise, restful love. It is a symbol of dreams and spirituality. As the color of the seventh chakra, it represents the equilibrium between different paradoxical dimensions such as sky and earth or life and death.

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However, the violet tulip does not follow the usual meaning of the violet flowers. As royalty is the privilege of the purple tulip, the violet tulip is associated with a powerful sense of wealth and nobility. It is frequently used at weddings in the spring to bring out the best in the couple, as it is a synonym for success.

The tulip is a classical love flower, even though it was more considered a sign of charity by the Victorians. The Turkish nation, who first grew the flower, considered it a symbol of heaven on earth and included it in many poems or sacred and secular works of art.

As the Ottoman Empire grew bulbs to remind themselves of paradise and everlasting life, the Netherlands, who first popularized the flower, saw it as a symbol of the short life. The connection with passion and love rather grew in the 20th and 21st Centuries, although this in itself does not diminish the power of the flower’s symbolism.