Five unique ways to tell Mom you love her

surprise with flowers

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here are five original ways to tell Mom you love her with a bouquet of flowers. As you decide which bouquet in our Mother’s Day collection will be the perfect one for her, you can start thinking about how to surprise her when you give them to her.

Close your eyes
Remember when you were a kid and she’d give you a gift? “Close your eyes!” she’d say. We don’t know if she’ll peek or not, but the scent of our floral bouquets is sure to give away the surprise before she opens her eyes!

Could you come here a moment?
When you were a teen, it seemed like every time you were doing something she’d call you to tell you to come here for a second. Return the favour by asking her to come into the room where you’ll be waiting to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers and a smile.

There’s something in the kitchen
Nothing bothers her more than when the kitchen’s all a mess. Tell her to go check something there, where she’ll find a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table.

A special messenger
Has she just become a new grandmother? Does she have a weakness for her cat or dog, who’s basically a member of the family? Let a special messenger deliver your bouquet, and double the excitement.

Someone’s at the door
Personal circumstances might make it hard for you to be together for Mother’s Day. But there’s no emotional distance big enough that can’t be bridged by a bouquet of flowers. It’s the perfect excuse to try to reach out. Or if the distance is geographical, you can rely on FloraQueen to get your bouquet to her. We deliver to over 100 countries all around the world, so your beautiful bouquet of flowers will get there right on time.

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Our 2019 Mother’s Day Collection is inspired by the moments we share with our moms, who do so much for us through their love, affection and strength. A bouquet of flowers to arrive right on time will make moms smile on their special day.