Mother’s day

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I love MumDid you know that the first ever celebration to honour mother’s was held in ancient Egypt? They celebrated the goddess Isis, the ideal mother. The Greek and Roman empires also had similar festivities held in honor of Rhea and Cybele, respectively.

The first ever Mother’s Day, as we know it, was held on 10th May 1908 and we have a young woman called Anna Jarvis to thank for this wonderful celebration!

Nowadays, in May, we celebrate both mothers and flowers, nothing stays the same, everything changes and we need to take good care of our mums!

We have selected the season’s most beautiful flowers and created the perfect bouquets so you can show your mum just how special she is.  We are sure you will find the perfect gift!

We are ready to help you make your mum happy, after all it’s that easy: just send her flowers! 🙂

Choose your favorite bouquet and follow in Anna Jarvis’s footsteps.

Go the distance and send your mum a smile made of flowers!

After all, she is the best in the whole wide world! Right? 🙂

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