Mother’s Day: choose the flowers that suit her best

Mother's Day

Flowers are undoubtedly the safest bet on Mother’s Day. No one can resist a beautiful bouquet!

If you are thinking of giving her flowers this Mother’s Day, bear in mind that not all flowers awaken the same feelings. There is a flower for every type of Mum in the world. Why not choose one that goes with her personality?

We have put together a few ideas to help you find the perfect flowers for your Mum.


Mother's Day

One thing’s for sure: tulips make us all want to escape to the Netherlands and walk through its gorgeous, colourful fields, right? The soft, cheerful shape of these bulbous flowers makes them a popular choice. Their petals play in the sunlight, opening and closing according to the temperature.

They are the perfect flowers for a Mum who is full of life and always thinking about new things she wants to do.  And tulips keep growing even after they have been picked. They are just as adventurous as she is!


Mother's Day

Is your Mum a bit of a hippie and as free as the wind? Then alstroemerias are for her. These flowers are characterised by their exotic origins; they come all the way from the mountains of South America. 

Even though their delicate petals might suggest otherwise, alstroemerias are very robust flowers. And they come in a rich spectrum of tones. You can spot up to three different colours in one flower! They are just like those unique Mums with loads of experiences to share.


Mother's Day

Gerberas are undeniably happy flowers. Available in endless colours and sizes, they are the ideal option for a fun Mum who lights up the room with her energy and spirit. 

And don’t forget that gerberas are the perfect flowers for a bouquet, as they can last up to several weeks. So they are a great symbol of your Mum’s tireless zest for life!


Mother's Day

If there’s one flower that represents classic beauty, it’s the rose. The queen of flowers symbolises pure love, virtue and trust. A bouquet of roses is always a wise option for a Mum who appreciates elegance and good taste. 

What’s more, their different colours are linked to all kinds of symbology, so you can personalise your gift even further: red for romantic, passionate Mums; pink if she’s a teddy bear on the inside; white to represent her kindness… There’s something for everyone!


Mother's Day

Lilies are delicate flowers with an unmistakable aroma. In addition to being beautiful and adding a dash of elegance to any bouquet, lilies are known for their wellness properties. They are an ingredient used in both cosmetics and medicinal preparations, and their oil is often used for massages. 

If your Mum loves home remedies and goes out of her way to look after you, lilies are definitely the flower for her. They are just like her: wonderful inside and out.

So, do you have a better idea of which flowers match your Mum’s personality now? Tell us all about it!

And don’t forget: flowers aren’t just for Mother’s Day. You can brighten up your Mum’s day at any time of the year!

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