Flower Power: Men and flowers instructions for use!

copertina FloraQueen EN Flower Power: Men and flowers instructions for use!

It’s nothing new. For the past few seasons already, flower prints have taken over the shops. Flowers are occupying more space in the lifestyle world. It has become very common to cross men on the streets combining their style with a flowery touch. Men are increasingly daring to wear colours and designs which were until recently exclusive to women. Let’s take a closer look at this new trend…

Clothing Style

Why deprive yourself of a little graphic fantasy in your style. The advantage of flower prints is that they are available in almost any colour imaginable. They are therefore fairly easy to combine with different outfits and styles. However, beware of overly crowded prints, a likely source of sore eyes! Instead, opt for prints which are a little more spaced out or lighter shades.

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But you can always let yourself be tempted by the “full on look”, although there’s no denying that it may be a little risqué…



Many people, who are tempted to have a tattoo, go for a flower-inspired tattoo. Indeed, there is little risk of growing bored of this type of design which keeps its appeal at all ages. Orchids and roses seem to be the most recurring flowers used. Although these two flowers are often associated with passion, many feelings can be expressed through the large variety of existing flowers. Some even enable us to highlight certain traits: magnolia, for example, symbolises strength and dignity; amaryllis, pride, and cornflower, shyness.

What do you think of flower prints? Have they already made their place in your wardrobe?

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