What Chrysanthemums Mean And When They Make The Best Gifts

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Classic chrysanthemums. They are a popular flower for bouquets all over the world and are a an ideal bloom to add big smiles to a special day. Of course, what you say with Chrysanthemums can vary greatly depending on when and what types you deliver. To try and demystify this ‘beautiful dialect’ of the language of flowers, we’re going to look at what chrysanthemums mean and when they make the best gifts for your loved ones.

What Chrysanthemums symbolise

White yellow and pink chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are the perfect go-to flower when you want to express many positive emotions. Among these positive traits you can communicate are happiness, longevity, loyalty, cheerfulness and, of course, love and beauty. They are also the birth flower for November.

However, where you send Chrysanthemums can also have a big impact on how they’re received.

What Chrysanthemums mean as a gift around the world

In the West

While Chrysanthemums are symbolic of many of the very postive meanings above, such as joy, love and beauty, scholarly isolation is another, perhaps slightly negative meaning of ‘mums’ (as many people often call them colloquially). Nevertheless, this makes them a great gift to congratulate or encourage someone with their studies. This is equally relevant as they are also considered great flowers to wish someone luck with their work or for an upcoming project. They are also the official flower for Mother’s day in Australia (once again due to the ‘mums’ nickname).

In some parts of Europe however, Chrysanthemums can also be symbolic of death, and are exclusively used to decorate the graves of dearly departed relatives at funerals. So be very careful where you send your ‘mums’ as in some European countries this could be inappropriate as a romantic or celebratory gift.

Pink yellow and white chrysanthemums

In the Far East

Chrysanthemums were first cultivated and grown in China and, as you might expect, there is a rich seem of meanings from this region of the world. There are some conflicting accounts, but it’s broadly considered that for the Chinese, these flowers can signify a long life of leisure and wealth, as well as new life and rebirth, which makes them popular as birthday or new baby flowers. The flowers are also known for denoting regality and this is especially the case in Japan, where the Emperor symbolically ascends to the Chrysanthemum Throne.

However, be careful when sending white Chrysanthemums to China, Japan or other countries in the Far East, as these colour flowers are often symbolic of grief or mourning.

Chrysanthemum colours and their meanings

  • Violet – A colour of Chrysanthemum to wish someone well
  • Yellow – Friendship but be careful! It can also reflect sorrow or rejection of love
  • White – Sincere innocent love and honesty
  • Red – A simple way to say “I love you
  • Green – Natural vibrancy, health and vitality

Pink chrysanthemums

It’s easy to see why Chrysanthemums are among the best flowers for bouquets, not only because of their variety and colours but also thanks to their expressive meaning when they’re given as a gift. When do you love to receive chrysanthemums the most? Let us know in the comments.

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