Uncovering the Daisy Symbolism

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Daisies are one of the most cheerful flowers you can give a person. There is something about their simple shape and bright colored petals that have a way of bringing joy to a room. The same is true for daisies in a garden. Daisies add a sense of whimsy and delight to a garden scape. As an added bonus, most daisy plants make for exceptional cut flowers. Try cutting off some flower stalks and putting them in a vase inside the house. Whether inside or out, daisies bring delight to the people who experience their effortless charm.

In this post, we are going to discuss:

* Symbolism through life events

* Daisies for weddings

* Daisies to celebrate new life

* Daisies for birthdays

* Daisies symbolism in astrology and more!

Symbolism Through Life Events

Daisies are often used in bouquets or as decor for a life event. During these times, daisies can be used to symbolize feelings and emotions to really help convey the message of the milestone. Whether you are planning the event or are giving a gift for the life event, you should know what this flower means for each occasion.

Daisies for Weddings

Daisies make for a beautiful wedding flower with their simple elegance. Daisies are also fighting for weddings because they can represent purity and true love. Both of these things are obviously important to a newly married couple. It is natural to want to express your love as true and pure when declaring your love for one another in front of all your friends and family.

Daisies work very well for weddings when paired with the proper decor theme. Often daisies are used for rustic themed weddings where the reception takes place in a reclaimed barn. For this style of wedding, just about any color of the daisy can be used. This is ideal when trying to match flower color with the color of a bridesmaid’s dress.

For weddings taking place outdoors in a backyard, or a meadow, the traditional white daisy or yellow daisy works very well. Weddings held in these types of venues tend to have a simple or bohemian vibe. The simplicity of the daisy flower mirrors this very well. In terms of floral bouquets, daisies can very easily hold their own without being paired with any other flowers. If you are looking for something a little more dynamic, consider pairing the daisies with flowers that are native to your area.

Daisies to Celebrate New Life

Daisies are said to symbolize fertility, motherhood, and new beginnings. This comes from the story of Freya, who was the Norse god of love, fertility, and beauty. Freya’s sacred flower was the daisy. Because of this, daisies are often associated with childbirth.

If you have a friend or family member who is slated to be a parent, consider giving them a bouquet of daisies. The daisies are said to bring joy and love to the new family. A great feature of the daisy is that it is easy to maintain cut flower. Any new parent knows how much work a newborn baby is. The last thing they want to worry about is keeping a flower arrangement alive. Thankfully, daisies require little care, so do not add stress to new parents.

Alternatively, consider giving a new parent a daisy plant for their flower garden. A plant in the garden is the gift that keeps on giving. Each year, the new family can appreciate the blooms of the daisy and remember how they represent the sacred birth of their child.

Daisies for Birthdays

If you know someone who was born in April, consider giving them daisies for their birthday. Daisies are the official birth flower of those born in April. Do you know your friend’s favorite color? Great! There is a daisy in just about every color so you can easily find one that works for them. Alternatively, try giving a friend an annual daisy plant that grows in a pot. Many garden centers and florists carry a wide array of potted daisy plants. Your friend can grow this in their house, their garden, or even on their patio. This can also become a great tradition where you give your friend a new daisy every year.

Daisies are also said to symbolize innocence and childhood. This makes them great flowers for celebrating a child’s birthday. Consider giving your young child a bouquet of daisies to honor their childhood. Another great idea is to grow a daisy plant in your garden in the recognition of your child. Try bringing them to a garden center with you to pick out the plant together. Teach them how to plant the daisy and care for it in the garden. Through this, they are able to connect with nature and learn about how to care for a living thing. Each summer, the child can experience the joy and beauty their personal plant adds to the garden.

Daisies Symbolism in Astrology

It seems that daisies have symbolism in many areas of modern life. This is true even in the astrological sense. Those born under the Taurus sign are said to be represented by the daisy flower. It is also said that people born between April 20 and May 20 share similar characteristics, all of which can be represented by the daisy.

Taurus, or daisy born individuals, tend to have a strong passion for family. They are said to be persistent in their dealings while remaining calm and patient. Daisy people possess a quiet strength and provide a sense of security to those around them. Additionally, people born under this sign have a sense of appreciation for all the small things in life. The daisy flower is considered to reflect many of these characteristics. Daisies are simple flowers that provide a garden with a sense of peaceful beauty. They are quite drought-resistant, so remain quite active in all weather conditions. Finally, daisies perform consistently year after year, making them a reliable addition to any garden bed.

Daisies are an extremely versatile flower. Their perky nature gives off feelings of comfort and joy. Next time you need to give someone a flower, consider giving them a daisy.

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