How Wedding Flowers Can Impact The Best Day of Your Life

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When it comes to weddings, flowers are universally popular worldwide. With thousands of dollars spent every year ensuring that a couple’s big day goes without a hitch, wedding flowers can often take up a fair chunk of the budget. That’s why it’s important to make sure you make the right choices when it comes to your wedding bouquets and floral decor.

The big question that is always asked by couples planning their special day is how much to spend on flowers and with a wedding budget often going into the tens of thousands, what proportion should be allocated to your floral decorations? Wedding flowers don’t necessarily have to break the bank. For example the knot recommends spending about 8% of the budget on flowers for the bride, bridesmaids and decor. People can spend as little as about $500 up to around $2,500 on average if they are trying to be thrifty.

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However much you decide to spend, remember that the right flowers can potentially make or break your perfect day. Registry site for example interviewed 750 newlyweds and among the biggest regrets they observer was that they hadn’t spent enough on flowers with an additionally large proportion deeming the floral decor one of the most important features of their big day and one of the biggest contributors for making it unforgettable. More importantly however, the biggest regret of the couples questioned was that they spent too much on flowers. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Whilst you shouldn’t skimp on your budget for flowers you definitely shouldn’t have to overspend. The solution is to spend smartly.

Why wedding flowers matter

Floral decorations have been part of wedding ceremonies for centuries. They are one of the oldest concurrent traditions associated with weddings and it’s easy to see why due to their symbolism, vibrancy and emotional expressiveness. From throwing the bouquet to the table arrangements, wedding flowers are part and parcel of any couple’s big day and choosing the right ones that fit your budget can pay off spectacularly.

Our wedding flower tips:

Plan ahead

If you’re looking to make savings then it pays to be prepared. As with anything (but especially with weddings) if you want to avoid unnecessary headaches and additional costs it’s good to have a clear plan in mind and to set it in action as early as possible.

Choose the “right” flowers

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What are the right flowers for the perfect wedding you might ask? Ultimately that depends on the couple, but the current trends favour lilies, lilacs, roses, lilies, gerberas and even orchids as the most popular choices for wedding celebrations. Among the most fashionable flowers for weddings over the last few years have been peonies and that is trend that looks set to continue through 2018. Perhaps maybe the flowers you love most aren’t on this list but are available with your florist, another of the other major trends of late are eclectic and less traditional bouquets. Ultimately the most important consideration is what are the right flowers for you and your partner?

Don’t overload your designs

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Sometimes less is more when it comes to your bouquets and floral decor. It’s better to choose one or two varieties of flowers only, rather than filling your designs with large amounts of different species. Keeping things simpler and elegant with a design of one flower type can be just as amazing and really keep your costs under control.

Take the season into account

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Flowers are highly seasonal and for that reason choosing the right bouquets for the right season can make a big difference to your wedding plans. First and foremost, it’s the perfect way to add a little natural synchronicity to your celebration. Additionally, the more in season your flowers are the fresher, more plentiful and more cost friendly they will be.

Order with the help of experts

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Probably the most important piece of advice is to get help from someone who has experience of preparing flowers for weddings. It might be your local florist or your wedding planner but you should always consider getting advice and a few quotes first to see if your plans are feasible and within your budgetary requirements. The can also offer invaluable insights into how your chosen flowers can be designed around your chosen venue.

The best day of your life should always be special and whilst flowers are only a small part of the bigger picture it can’t be denied that they make a significant difference to the big day. As you can see, it’s not about splurging blindly on flowers for your wedding but about getting the most from your budget, perhaps even with a little room left for some special extras. There don’t need to be any regrets on how your money on flowers was spent. With some smart planning and careful selections you can ensure that your wedding blooms are talked about long after your special day.

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