The Perfect Winter Date

Winter Date

Winter is almost officially here, but let’s be honest you are already in full winter mode. You come home from work and lite the fire, you cook yummy soups and stews, you have purchase new pajamas and you most likely have had your house covered in Christmas decorations for weeks now. While the joys surrounding winter time are boundless sometimes we forget about those closest to us. We get stuck in a rut, a routine, we focus on others or our kids and sometimes we forget about our significant others. Fret not, FloraQueen has come up with some great ideas to help you fight these winter blues with easy and romantic winter date ideas.

Cabin Fever

Nothing says winter like a quaint log cabin out in the woods, and nothing says romance like a weekend away with your partner. Picture yourself cuddled up near the fire, drinking hot chocolate and sharing winter stories. It does not have to fancy or far, it can be close to home and only for one night, but getting away just the two of you will most definitely reignite the spark between the two of you. For added fun bring along your favorite board games and have a little friendly competition.

Winter Date


Are you hosting a dinner party this holiday season? Or did you offer to bring the dessert to a family gathering, then why not brush up on your cooking skills. And why not bring along your special someone and make a date of it. Learning or improving your cooking skills together can be a great way to bond as well as work on communication. Not only is this date idea practical but is fun! And at the end of the date you’ve learned  a new skill and you get to enjoy yummy food, what could be a better winter date?

Ice Skating

The winter classic, seen in romantic movies as the ultimate winter date idea for years. And there is good reason for that, ice skating brings you together, literally. Hold onto your strong man for support as you glide along the ice together, as you are squeezing tightly on his biceps you’ll feel protected and he’ll feel needed, all anyone really wants in a relationship, right? Maybe not, but ice skating can be fun, it keeps you active and nowadays can be found in almost every city, whether there is snow or not.

Winter Date

Volunteer together

Perhaps not the most conventional date idea but definitely one of the most rewarding. The holidays are all about joy, love and giving. So why not take a moment to give back to your community. What better way to show your love for each other than by helping others together. This time of year there are so many opportunities to volunteer as well, feed the homeless, work at an animal shelter, or read to children, the options are endless. You will no doubt leave this date feeling you have done something impactful and your love for each other will be stronger than ever.

Become Coffee Experts

This can easily become more of a series of dates, keeping the winter date calendar full for weeks. And it’s one of the easiest ideas! Do you have a favorite coffee drink, vanilla latte, pumpkin spice, chai, whatever your flavor may be start the hunt for the perfect one. Set out to try your favorite drink at different cafes until you find your perfect drink! This can be done with a favorite dish or meal as well. This idea easily transforms a coffee date into so much more. Giving you a topic for conversation and a motivation to keep going out. It also keeps you warm and satisfied on those cool winter nights.

Winter Date

Whatever your ideal winter date may be make sure you plan ahead and keep the spark alive this year. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to accompany your date check out our awesome collection of gifts for all occasions.

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